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We Exist to Carve Paths

We aid global-impact visionaries with clients including Brandon Green, Dan Berger, Denise Gosnell, Nir Eyal, and Allen Gannett.

Our clients have been represented in Inc., Forbes, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, Morning Brew, and Wired Magazine. Based in Washington D.C., BW Missions pursues life with a dedicated resiliency to discover, build, and grow missions that matter.

About us
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Work With Us

Whether you’re a mid-level professional, or a widely connected CEO, our team works for every client to authentically push their story forward and forge their path ahead.


Transforming experts into thought leaders and providing a community along the way

Experience a business relationship beyond the traditional. If you are a visionary, entrepreneur, or author and are passionate about the idea you’re creating for this world, we want to help you bring your mission to life.

Case Studies
Denise Gosnell
Chief Data Officer at DataStax

“The BW missions team is battle tested. While we worked together, they pivoted quickly to execute a data driven strategy during a very dynamic environment. I still don’t know how we pulled off reaching #1 New Release on Amazon in Artificial Intelligence, but we did! For the behind the scenes details: we worked together to launch a book from January through May 2020. The world also experienced unprecedented change with a global pandemic. The BW Mission team quickly scrapped our original launch plan, re-invented our strategy, and executed with daily focus. It was hard and it wasn’t perfect, but it worked! We were able to reach #1 New Release in three different categories on Amazon for our book release. I am very glad that we had the BW Missions at our side to straddle a very difficult 6 months.”

Morgan Ingram
Director of Execution and Evolution at JB Sales

“Bryan has been extremely helpful to me in terms of my writing. Bryan and his team help review the content I write for LinkedIn and provide the extra guidance and vision to make sure my writing is crisp and concise, so my audience can resonate with it. I’m looking forward to working with Bryan and seeing his successes moving forward with other clients he’s working with.”

Mindy Diamond
Founder, CEO & President, Diamond Consultants

“Our experience with Bryan and his team at BW Missions was excellent.  How best to develop our on-line audience, evolve our brand, and create an authentic presence was anathema to us before we engaged them.  With Bryan’s help, our social media persona is so much more interesting and alive today and we have connected with a much expanded target audience.  BW Missions set us on a great path and I am grateful.”

Nir Eyal
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of “Hooked” and “Indistractable”

“I needed help engaging my community and spreading my message. BW Missions gave me exactly what I was looking for. The team is exceptionally effective at working across platforms and always finds ways to better serve my readers.”

Jay Abraham
Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc.

“Bryan Wish is an exceptional resource. He possesses insight, hindsight AND foresight… very rare skills. He knows the start-up business market and delivers on his promises. Bryan is an exceedingly impressive young man with humility, perceptivity, and a unique complexity of experiences to bring to any relationship he enters.”

Caroline Pugh
CEO & Founder, Oya Partners

“Bryan and his team have a very unique and impressive way of understanding a person’s vision and bringing it to life. Bryan has an innate ability to dial in the most important aspects of what will make a campaign and project succeed, set tangible goals and objectives and then execute. Bryan and his team represent world class thinkers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and are constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible. It is no surprise that BW Missions has had the tremendous growth that it’s had over the past year.” 

“BW Missions helped me discover my voice and share my message. A rare combination of high-level strategy and day-to-day details, the BW Missions team walks the journey with me, shares valuable guidance and support on the way, and helps me decide which paths to take. The result? A stronger message, deeper connection with my community, and new ways I can help others.”

Chase Damiano

“When I was launching my first book I was lucky enough to connect with Bryan Wish of BW Missions. Over the next two years his company partnered with me to finalize the book, launch it, and build my brand. In addition to getting me on over two dozen podcasts, Bryan booked my first TEDx talk that had been a long-term dream. Today, I consider Bryan more than a partner but a friend who aided me during an important part of my life’s journey.”

David Schnurman

“The BW Missions team is a valuable partner to me because of how they uniquely package both the science and the art of audience-building with a sincere passion for amplifying the voices of thought leaders for impact. I appreciate their creativity, work ethic, growth-mindedness and – of course – the results!”

Mark Green

BW Missions has a special knack for getting ‘it” done and “it” can truly be anything. Throw a multi-city book tour? Check. Run a multi-channel social media strategy? Check. Connect two people who need to meet, together? Check. Bryan and his team are all that and then some.”

Allen Gannett

I can see a story, visualize its potential, then get up and go make it happen.

Bryan Wish

“Bryan is a thoughtful and dedicated problem solver. His commitment is matched only by his authenticity, and he prioritizes genuine relationships to the highest level. These innate efforts are the core of BW Missions, where Bryan and the team lead individuals on a path to belonging and standing out through their unique messages.”

Dylan Gambardella

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