A Peak Outside the Tunnel

When I was a kid and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was never the traditional, but rather something of my creation. I never dreamt of having one specific job; I wanted a way to hold all of my ideas in one profession, where I could build upon and add to my ideas. My future revolved around the expression of my dreams, and my journey to get there was more walking through a dark tunnel than a defined path. Nonetheless, I relentlessly pursued it.

Every entrepreneurial endeavor I had in college was met with the same advice: I had to narrow down what I wanted. Time and time again, whether it be a power-washing business with my father or my first digital endeavor Wish Dish, people told me I had to pick a niche. Supposedly, I couldn’t go after everything. 

Over the next few years, I continued through the dark tunnel of trying to plant roots, learn, and create the toolkit to start building again. All I wanted to see at the end of this dark, meandering tunnel of exploration and entrepreneurship was a creation that inspired the masses with a clear vision and mission, one that would draw people in to join and expand alongside me.

Today, January 7, 2021, after many years of milling through the tunnel and rolling over every possible rock, that childhood question of “What do I want to be?” has been answered and fulfilled: I craft pathways for others to belong. My vision is finally being carried out on my terms with the help of an incredible team and set of clients. With the strong foundation we have, the possibilities are limitless. 

As we kick off 2021, I truly feel that I’m on the road that I’m supposed to be traveling down. While I’m still timid at times, or not fully myself in certain areas, I can show up and be myself more than I could at any prior point in my life. 

I spent my entire life trying to navigate through a dark tunnel, hoping that it would open up more and I’d be able to see my dreamed future at the end. BW Missions has provided exactly that for me, and allowed me to help others do the same. In finding my own path, I’m able to guide others through their own dark tunnels, so they can begin to belong by fully representing who they are. 

We are onto something great, something special, and we’re adapting while building on our momentum. We are at the forefront of an industry that’s transforming experts into thought leaders by pushing them to belong in a world dominated by followers.

In the digital age, finding your tribe is as easy as having a shred of intentionality and forethought. That isn’t to say that intuition and serendipitous moments aren’t valuable, but the internet is a stand-alone civilization. It’s our job to navigate it as best we can so we can thrive as much as possible. That journey is different for everyone, but the shared experience is our ability to attract the people who will comprise our tribe. It’s a journey I’m familiar with, as I’ve been on it for the last decade. 

Now that I’ve defined my path and found my tribe, the walls of the tunnel that I’ve been journeying through for the last 10 years are beginning to come down, and I see the end.  

In fact, I can see it differently. 

To get something sustainable and fully aligned with who I am off the ground has required thousands of conversations, meetings, late-night ponderings, and motivational songs. Now, the work is starting to pay off. I have a vessel to put all my ideas into, and they can continue to compound and build onto each other, just as I had dreamed of as a kid.

Today, as I peak beyond the tunnel, I don’t just look straight in front of me, I look a little out to the left and a little out to the right.

As I do, my excitement feels so raw and new, like I’m a kid again. My pursuits for the world, desire to see the beauty within it and passions for the arts can now start to be propelled forward on my own terms, one step at a time. I still have a long way to go, but the difference between then and now is it all feels so attainable. The personal goals that once seemed so far out of sight are now right in front of me. 

The freedom to finally walk out to the left and the right in ways I never have before is exciting, but also scary because I don’t know exactly where those paths will lead. It’s the same uncertainty I faced when I first started digging the entrepreneurial tunnel years ago.  

However, what I am certain of now is that I’m more rooted in who I am than ever before. I know that whatever paths I take, they’re made possible by the pursuit of my dreams.  

As the new year starts, I can finally see my way forward when I was unable to for so long. I’m confidently equipped to help others forge their own path, on their own terms. BW Missions is much more than an agency–it is my path laid down for you. Examine and take from it what you need to become who you were meant to be, and know that you’re fully supported along the way. BW Missions is here to help you belong purposefully and authentically, now more than ever.

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Bryan Wish

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