About Us

We believe that everyone should be equipped to find their path and express their authentic selves.

Origin Story:

For the better half of my life, I didn’t belong to the common narrative of the world. I often think about the sports teams I didn’t make, friend groups I didn’t fit into, a fraternity I dropped after one week in rush, and jobs where my potential was tied to a direct report’s approval.

Simply, I wasn’t on the right path and didn’t know how to articulate the significance about it until I hit a quarter life crisis (rock bottom) my junior year of college. Through self discovery, I became clear on my individuality, leading me to find a new community propelling me to stand out fully on my own and find the path that was meant for me all along – entrepreneurship.

Traversing this pathway hasn’t been easy. However, what it has provided me is a chance to show up everyday personally and professionally 100%, working towards a mission I truly care about and living authentically as myself.

On this journey I’ve been able to help build multiple startups at the center of helping others with their own pathfinding by building tribes of their own and sharing their voices. Today that represents BW Missions where we help transform experts into thought leaders such as Allen Gannett (Author of The Creative Curve), Rick Smith (CEO Axon formerly TASER), Denise Gosnell (Head of Data at DataStax) and many more.

I have been given the opportunity to share this message of crafting pathways to belonging in Thrive Global, PRSUIT, NGEN Summit, UGA Terry College of Business, and countless podcasts. Our clients messages have also been shared in Forbes, INC, Morning Brew, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and more.

As Robin Williams asks, “What Will Your Verse Be?” in Dead Poets Society, we shape the verses that help the people stand out and build their path forward that will connect them with others in a meaningful way. 

Bryan Wish, CEO & Founder, BW Missions

We are Pathfinders

Pathfinding is a long term process, and it isn’t easy. This kind of work requires looking within, finding the right people to help you through, and creating the opportunities to stand out.


Purpose: Why we come to work; help our clients belong.

Adaptability: When the digital world shifts, we stay one step ahead.

Thinking: We are the catalysts to shift our clients from experts to thought-leaders.

Hard-Work-Ethic: We operate with a glass 1/2 full attitude.

Focus: We embody the mantra “consistency breeds.”

Idea-Inspired-Action: We never settle for the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to success.

Never-Give-Up-Attitude: We conquer obstacles by treating them as inspiration.

Discovery-of-Self: Introspection and vulnerability create the best external results.

Evolution: We stay relevant by learning new things to make our clients matter.

Relationships: Our network is powerful and we’ll make it yours, too.

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