Are You Out Over Your Skis? Why That’s A Good Thing

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About a month ago, two clients said to me “Bryan, you’re out over your skis.” For two different reasons. 

Rob Volpe commented on our client growth and Dan Berger commented on my reliance on “magical referrals” that always seemed to happen at the right time. 

Yes, they were probably right. We probably did grow too quickly. In my opinion, we were swimming in uncharted waters and simultaneously learning how to navigate. We pushed ourselves to a place that was very uncomfortable and required a lot of growth, new learning, and navigation in a storm.

We didn’t necessarily have the infrastructure to support what we were doing on the service side at the 110% quality we like to deliver.

And yes, we even lost a few contracts.  

And no, that did not feel good, was not fun to handle, but also created silver linings. 

In retrospect, I’m grateful it happened the way it did, because it has made our organization stronger across the board. 

Being out “over our skis” actually allowed us to break things that needed to fully break and show blind spots. Growing to the point we did allowed us to evolve our organizational structure we had been working with for the past 2.5 years. Through this process, we learned how to build a much more scalable internal infrastructure, so clients received standardized service across the board. 

Additionally, It made me take a hard look at our sales and marketing processes. I originally was confident in what we were doing to grow the business, but I had no clear sales processes that created predictable results. This has all changed in the past 3 weeks. 

Sometimes, breaking things isn’t bad, because when you analyze and reflect on the “fall” it shows the blind spots all along that needed correcting. Being “Out over your skis” actually means being able to see past where you were before, just not with the balance or infrastructure under you to support. Therefore, when you get back to where you were once before, you can see around the corners and know what it takes to succeed to get to the next run.

The learning lessons of Q1 2021 will shape our business for the next decade.

Featured Mission

If you ever could wish for a second Mom, who would it be? For me, that is Anita Sharpe.

I first met Anita when I was in Atlanta, building my first startup, Wish Dish. Someone who was helping me at the time said, “You need to know Anita.”

A few weeks later, I met Anita for lunch. Her work in the content and publishing space, her connection to the personal story for how I started the platform, and her genuine interest in helping were such a light. Sometimes at the beginning of the journey, it just takes people to see the potential in you — and Anita was that for me and then some. She constantly joined me in brainstorming ideas for monetizing, building a platform authentically, and being a constant news source, asking me about what was going on in the world and my thoughts.

Our relationship has only strengthened over the years, and recently, she provided incredible, clear direction for how we should organize our content department. I was relieved after the call and began executing everything she said that day.

A piece of feedback for every builder out there: find your Anita.

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The Future of Digital Adventures

The future of adventure is here! I’m so excited for my good friend, Marshall Mosher and his company Vestigo who just launched a crowdfunding campaignto build the future of digital adventure! They’re building the new standard in remote team building in virtual reality.

Think of it like a digitized ropes course, using VR to transport people to the edges of the world and their comfort zones, helping remote teams level up from fear to bravery to build a mindset of innovation and adaptability. I’m thrilled to say that anyone can now be a part of the future of digital adventure via their crowdfunding campaign (where you can invest as little as $100) in what I believe will be a game-changer in the future of digital team building.

I’ve been honored to watch Marshall grow this since the beginning and am so excited for what’s to come!


Many founders are on a mission to achieve both financial success and time freedom, but they can’t do that if the majority of sales depends on them. We help founders take a crucial step to go from founder sales to sales and marketing machine.

Learn more here: https://founderscale.com


Showing up Authentically for Your Audience
with Bryan Wish, Brandon Parkes, & Anna Berger

Join our Founder, Bryan Wish along with Brandon Parkes, Founder & CEO, Parkes Philanthropy, and Anna Berger, Head of Marketing at Curtn, for a clubhouse event on marketing and the community building process. 

When:Wednesday, March 31, 6-7 PM EST

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