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If you’re looking to build a long term sustainable brand that drives repeatable sales, creates sturdy infrastructure for the future, develops pathway for traffic, and uses your book as a message for the greater good, then BW Missions is your home.

Through building the author’s brand foundation and a community around their message, we utilize innovative marketing and sales strategies that drives results throughout the entire book publishing journey and beyond.

Publishing a book is a beast in itself. There are several different ways to promote and share your message. BW Missions takes a nuanced approach through in depth Q&As, ads, online communities, and leveraging media sources, personal networks, and influencers. Simply, we take the long term, ground-up approach that builds products that will last in people’s lives, and impact the world. Your product does not equal value, your brand equals value — and we create value starting with the end in mind.

Brand Foundation

We delve deep into the message of the author so that we can bring that message to life through digital marketing and sales and community building

Sharing Your Message

A comprehensive, creative, and tactful A to Z book launch promotion strategy that engages audiences across the digital landscape

Building & Activating your Community

Once the book is launched, we activate your audience through creative strategies and personal networks to bring your message to the forefront of thought leaders who align with your message

Our Past Authors…

Combined our authors have garnered millions of impressions and have become Amazon and WSJ Best Sellers

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