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On Saturday, June 26, I moved to Denver, CO, for the summer. 
I found myself embarking on this journey after a hard realization: I’ve never taken the dive to explore myself––interests, passions, and personal goals. I’ve always leaned into introspection in my professional and interpersonal life, but never looked at myself. For the first time ever, I’m taking an honest look at who I am.
In doing so, I uncovered a personal truth: the scars of my past pushed me to live a life of rigidity and structure as a defense mechanism. 
I knew it was time to set aside my old way of living and learn to embrace and love myself. For the first time, I’m exploring the parts of Bryan that I’ve always pushed aside.
Since I arrived in Denver, I’ve had my hands full. 
I’ve taken guitar lessons, experienced sound baths, danced, read, practiced yoga, hiked, and much more. I can already tell that this is my life’s most important work to date. In order to capture it, I picked up photography and videography to create Westward: A Journey to Self, a digital documentary about my journey. 
The first episode, embedded below, describes why I’m leaning into my discomfort, intuition, and interests. It’s hard work. Uncovering my essence is taking a lot out of me, but it’s been rewarding. I’m learning that I’m right where I’m meant to be.
I’ve described this process in an article below called “Following the Pull.”
As a side note: This isn’t a sabbatical. I’m still working extended hours and the business is in full swing. We are closing deals, watching clients succeed, and building out plans to truly disrupt our industry in 2022. I’m fully committed to living a life that’s aligned to my purpose both personally, professionally, and spiritually. 
I hope you enjoy the pieces below. While it may sound a bit funny, I can say I made them from my soul. 

In Case You Missed It

Using Your Past to Build Your Future

For the majority of my life, I’ve been both curious and intuitive. I’m constantly seeking out new information, but I also have moments of knowing that come over me––a magnetic pull in a certain direction. 

The moments happen around big life decisions, both personal and professional. They feel natural, though they sometimes come with their fair share of internal disruption––which ultimately keeps me aligned and on my path. 

In this article, I write about how to tune in consistently to create more synchronicity day-to-day. 

Full article here!

Where We’re Hanging Out:

Lumena Labs

Thanks to Avrum Elkamis, CEO of CLIMBR, I was able to experience a sensory deprivation chamber at Lumena Labs. It was a light, sound & immersion experience for relaxation, inner-exploration, and contemplative practice. 

It also was their riskiest experience. More on that in the next video.

What We’re Absorbing




“Just be, and enjoy being” – Eckhart Tolle 

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