The Hardest Part About Carving Your Own Niche Isn’t Always Professional. Sometimes, It’s Personal, Too.

Has anyone ever told you this? You are never on anyone else’s timeline but your own.

When it comes to building a company or venturing down a path that differs from the norm, there are so many unknowns — both in the future and in the present.

This unpredictability can make it hard to plan a personal future, especially, when you’re hyper-focused on how to create a viable and sustainable business or career.

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How Do You Power Through When Adversity Hits?

Many empty tissue boxes, beaten up pillows, and exhausting days later, I went up to my room, swiveled around in my room desk chair, and made a decision: The team’s decision about my abilities would never define my self-worth OR identity.

I kept going, gave it another shot to make the JV team and Fast Forward 365 days later: I was the only person who made JV who hadn’t make the freshman team.

As I compare this journey to the trajectory of my professional life, I see clear parallels running side by side. Learning how to persevere when the unknown lays ahead has kept me going in critical times of my life:

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Do You Get Anxiety When You Don't Have it All Figured Out?

Have you ever tried to figure out your entire life within a one-hour period? A few years ago, that was me.

Sitting in the room with behavioral psychologist, Dr. Neal Bowes, who specializes in human performance, my mind was racing - I had no process or structure to put together my personal or professional life around the goals I had for myself.

Sound familiar? Or does the thought of trying to plan that sound intimidating?

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The State of BW Missions: Triumphing in Year One

On paper, the highlight reel feels fantastic. I have so many things that I’m proud of, but what I really want to share comes down to the factors that equipped us to build a better business that yields consistent results.

I constantly ask myself this question: “How do I turn my skill sets into a scalable business to transcend my own impact to other meaningful missions?” 

 Below, I’m going to share everything I have learned to help you - the entrepreneur - and share the vulnerable road I’ve been traveling. 

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