What do Humans and Lobsters Have in Common? You'd Be Surprised ...

…Growth Happens in the Same Way!

How do you follow the untrodden path and design your own finish line?


At a work lunch during my junior year of college, I’ll never forget a response from my then-manager to one of my pitches. Instead of unpacking my idea and offering the personal insight I’d hoped for, this person told me I’d need approval from someone “two direct reports above.”

On the inside, I silently screamed. I respect hierarchy, but the prospect of needing someone else to validate even a simple, straightforward concept before I could execute felt draining. Listening to my internal voice in that moment, I felt a dawning realization that a traditional work setting would never be the best place for someone like me.

Ever since, I’ve set out on a journey where I could make decisions and enact them independently, unhampered by bureaucracy. I charted a path that let me design my own finish line — and cross it  — on my own terms.


Molly Ruland headshot

Molly Ruland is powered by music and sheer determination. An innovative problem-solver, she has a natural instinct for nurturing creative talent.

As Founder and CEO, she established One Love Massive. Artists, musicians, and makers share their talent at weekly events, from festivals and block parties to online concerts and collaborations with D.C. government programs.

On a recent call, Molly described her passion for bringing the arts community together through shared self-expression. When she recognized the need to support those who create inspiring, heartfelt content, full-service podcast production studio Heartcast Media was born.

A lifelong optimist and D.C. native, she puts her motto into practice:
“Life doesn’t have to be easy to be beautiful.” I love what she is all about.

Zvi Band headshot

I first connected with Zvi Band through this cold email: “I've been following your work at Contactually as a user of your product for 2+ years. I love the build and how well it facilitates communication to my community. You seem like a great fit for a dinner I'm hosting in November.”

Relationships are the most valuable modern day currency. Our digitized world demands the highest possible level of organization, and the product he built in Contactually brings that objective well within reach.

When Zvi arrived, his uniquely authentic demeanor impacted everyone present. He lit up the room and shared a striking depth of experience with the table.

Since then, his company Contactually has been acquired and he released his first book, Success is in Your Sphere - Building Successful Business Relationships.


The Mighty: A Storytelling Platform That Adds a New User Every 20 Seconds.

How Did They Do It?. 

Mike Porath, Founder of The Mighty and former Editor in Chief of AOL News, has been an incredible mentor ever since I founded my first startup. His platform empowers survivors of chronic illness and their loved ones to share their stories and find common experience.

With millions of users, the scale of the community he has established is both inspiring and unprecedented. Read this article to find out how he built The Mighty into a revenue-generating media company, which Mike Porath edited himself.


Are You Writing a Book or Interested in Starting One Soon?

My good friend Jimmy Soni is launching a book publishing company. As an author, ghostwriter, and media professional, he’s bridging the gap between a traditional publisher and self-publishing with a hybridized new model with a strong emphasis on digital. His business will empower authors to make their books even better while rolling out an impactful platform and digital brand.

Know Someone in New York with a Business North of $1M in Revenue?

Entrepreneurs Organization (EONY) has created three membership events to share what it means to be involved in their organization. They describe these experiences as “Magic Moments.” Check out their upcoming event dates to learn more or send this to a friend you know in NYC.


How Can You Become a Capitalist Without Any Capital? 

Recently, I helped my close friend Nathan Latka on his book launch that hit the Wall Street Journal's bestsellers list. Nathan is incredibly sharp and driven. How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital: The Four Rules You Must Break to Get Rich is a more practical, modernized take on the classic The 4-Hour Workweek. Check it out!

Want to Build a Better Product or Service?

Following the massive success of his book launch, Nir created The Hooked Online Workshop, an online series of six lecture courses to spread his practical insights. My favorite part is how it lays out actionable steps to apply his frameworks in your own business. Professional accomplishments aside, Nir is one of the most humble and genuine authors I have ever met.


Skyword is hosting FORWARD 2019: BETTER TOGETHER on June 6th in Boston, MA. This conference gathers marketing leaders together from around the world to share, learn, and empower each other to build better strategies, tell better stories, and become better leaders. Register here today!


“In Every Crisis, There’s an Opportunity.”

The silver lining in every life event that doesn’t go your way is always a lesson you can learn. If we consistently make this effort, everything will work out for us in the end – even when the prospects feel bleak. Throughout any personal failure I navigate, I always try to find the positive in every situation.