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A Piece of My Mind

Medication can be a great tool, but it isn’t the full answer. Without behavioral therapy, it often just serves as a band-aid. As a society, we need to find solutions that give us answers and opportunities to work through our problems instead of perpetuating them so they constantly need to be treated. Real progress requires action and change, on both a personal and social level.

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Under What Circumstance Should You Bend the Rules?

In the spring semester of my sophomore year of college, I was selected to intern with the Atlanta Hawks in their Sports Programs department. I was informed the Hawks never offered a sophomore an internship and had a requirement I had to receive school credit from the business school. 

The one problem? I wasn’t in the business school yet.

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Professional Guide to Actualizing Your Potential

I created this resource because I want to help can become the best version of yourself in the real world. Before I started Wish Dish, I was piling as many things as I could to my resume, just for the sake of it. This was my way of proving that I was good enough to the world — and to myself. 

I learned a critical lesson early in life: Your job doesn’t define you. What you do is just a small piece of who you are.

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Welcome to BW Missions

I came to a hard realization in the fall of 2016: I had no idea how to build a successful startup. After 2.5 years of pouring myself into a dream to give people a voice and build an authentic community, I found myself cash-deprived and sharing an apartment unit in my friend’s room.

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