BWM 2.0: Our Vision

Setting the Foundation

Two years ago, I launched bryanwish.com with the thought that I was going to be a one-man consultant until I had enough capital and connections to eventually build an entirely new business. But a few months into consulting, one of my clients at the time, David Schnurman, the CEO of Lawline, said to me, “Are you going to be a one-man consultant the rest of your life, or are you going to build a real business?” That question changed everything and paved the way for what is now BW Missions. 

Over the course of the next year, from fall 2019 onward, I worked with David to build out the infrastructure for productizing BW Missions’ services and getting clear on what we offer and how we execute. Most important to that process was making sure we could provide high-quality services at all times while also being sustainable. As we continue to expand and evolve, those values remain top priorities.

That fall in 2019, we also started working with Rich Keller, who has crafted the brand identities for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Rich helped me understand that the brand of BW Missions was directly rooted in my personal story, which has always been about creating a sense of belonging. That understanding provided a foundation and centralized mission around which to build the entire business: helping people find their path.

Since establishing our mission, BW Missions has helped over 50 clients find their way in the world. We encourage every client to show up as their full, authentic selves, and it’s from that place that we drive their thought leadership forward and further build and expand their communities.

As we headed into January 2020, we could feel the momentum around our business growing. Clients were recognizing the distinct value of our services and providing continuous referrals. We had more business than we could handle, and I suddenly realized I had to scale myself and become a CEO, not just a founder. 

So, I immediately hired one of our clients, Mark Green, an executive coach to mid-market CEOs, to help me scale the business successfully and lead where I had not led before. He has since been a dynamic asset to our team, helping us develop our organizational structure, accountability cards, financial controls around hiring, three-year forward integration strategies, and a steady operational cadence.

Next up: scaling the team. Carson Morell became our Chief Operating Officer, leading our operations. Leah Walsh came on board to run our marketing, public relations, and brand partnerships and put together our new website. And Marjie Shrimpton joined as an established content writer and now leads all of our client content and communications. To round out the executive team, we are currently looking for an account director to handle strategy and client relations.

Products and Services Roadmap 

In addition to establishing our organizational structure, over the past two years, we have endeavored to develop a system of services that best helps bring our clients’ visions to life and help them find their paths—from providing a conceptual blueprint to tangible brand architecture, from designing visual identity to developing client websites, from creating content systems and audiences to conducting community outreach and PR. 

Given that the majority of our clients are high-performing CEOs, authors, and executives, we’ve built these services to fit their needs: fast response times, high-quality content, strategic thought processes, and data-driven decision making.

“Bryan and his team are exceptional at what they do. They have grit, take the time to meticulously listen and understand my objectives, and craft authentic work using my voice to help me amplify my messages.” — Dan Berger

Clients we work with come to us at different stages of their journeys. We meet them where they are and then find the path forward for them to deliver their message in the most effective way possible. 

But What About Entrepreneurial Young Professionals? 

Don’t worry—our services are not just for established professionals. I also realize there is a group of people who are in the early stages of their journey without the resources a more seasoned client of ours might have at their disposal. Because everyone should be able to find their path, we have designed a premium, 3.5-month education program to teach students the professional survival skills not taught in school.

We want to provide the same resources to those students that we use to help thought leaders stand out. But we know that before you become a thought leader, you have to do a little digging first to understand the path you want to forge and build the right relationships along the way. Our program is designed to help students and budding thought leaders do just that. 

Apply here if interested in learning more. 

Voluntarily Serving Our Young Professional and Thought Leader Communities

We have designed our brand intentionally through every step in the development process. Most notable is how we‘ve built our communities from the ground up while delivering targeted content at every level, including specific content for Young Professionals and Thought Leaders alike. Each community receives 2 exclusive newsletters per month, 1 member-only event, and 2 exclusive articles that include tips, trends, insights, and networks. Additionally, every week, we share 1-2 podcasts from stakeholders within our community to describe their One Away moment stories on our podcast, The One Away Show. The podcast explores the people who made the one call, sent the one email, or had the one experience that made the difference.

As we continue to build out our audience and distribution vehicles across digital channels, we plan to open up our platform to select individuals in our community to share their own thought leadership and create user-generated content. 

Content is a vehicle through which BW Missions can share knowledge with and give back to our audience—and the more diverse perspectives and expertise we can bring to our community, the more we can help others along their own path.

You can get a sense of our communities and specialized content for yourself by heading to our Join page and checking out our platform for private events, exclusive content, newsletters, and more.

Carving Our Paths Is a Lifelong Process

At the end of the day, our goal as an organization is to lay the best foundation possible, brick by brick, to support our clients as they become thought leaders in their fields. With a solid team in place and advisors in our corner, those bricks are coming together. On the whole, we are ultimately focused on helping people live on their own terms and find belonging in their professional communities and beyond. Whether you’re a current student, a mid-level professional, or a widely connected CEO, our team works for every client to authentically push their story forward and forge their path ahead.

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