BW Missions | 2021 Vivid Vision

The following is my vivid vision for December 3, 2021. It is a detailed overview of what BW Missions will look like, feel like, and act three years out. We are building a media brand working with premier clients providing end to end marketing solutions.

Why I do It: Chasing My Vision

To create opportunities that empower entrepreneurs to discover and express who they are (through building their brand). I believe what CEO’s/Founders /Authors create is ultimately an expression/extension of who they are as individuals.

What and How I do it is via Marketing, which is essentially spreading their voice and beliefs through different mediums. Whereas many in marketing look at “Marketing” as growing a company, I look at it from the inside out, giving a greater voice to beliefs that impact this world.

As a byproduct, the “mission” grows from our efforts (ex. FFwd Mindset & David receive more:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Podcast opportunities
  • Press features
  • Book sales
  • … and more!

My Vision for Marketing Services

I am helping build brands for some of the most innovative, authentic, and mission driven entrepreneurs in the world. Taking people from the start of their brand journey to all the way through to launching it, marketing it, and building a product around it. Helping them bring important business to the forefront.

BW Missions will be build a first class marketing brand with a team of incredible talent that can help them at all ends of the process, including the below:

  1. Brand strategy
  2. Web design
  3. PR (podcasts, speaking, guest blogs, influencer, YouTube, etc.),
  4. Audience building (email/social platforms),
  5. SEO
  6. Content creation(social platforms)
  7. Community/Ambassador programming
  8. Product launches
  9. Recruiting

Missions That Matter E-mails & Newsletters

It will be a product in itself and will surpass 100,000 and be an audience I can connect through real content. The list will be comprised of a global entrepreneur community, and will feature entrepreneurs building important missions, growth stories, quotes, books, startup/business job openings, etc. consistently giving value to the audience with an open rate above 50%. There will be a blog component where I share the stories of other entrepreneurs and feature them to drive subscribers as well as creating an ambassador community.

  • One Away Podcast

It will be a product in itself interviewing the best entrepreneurs around the world building companies that make a difference. Innovative companies will sponsor it to have access to the community and it will have millions of downloads. The podcast will turn into a long form blog series as well.

  • LinkedIn

Bryan will build his LinkedIn community north of 50,000-75,000 followers.

  • Speaking Courses & Books

I see this in year 3 or 4 once an audience is in place and the services side of the business is more systematized.

  • Media

The media will look to us to reference our clients in their releases who are building both sustainable and impactful projects. Through inherently building a ton of relationships with contributors at big outlets, we can easily be a source of content for them with their writing so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

We will also build out our brand on all the traction channels we help out clients with: from guest blogs, podcasts, etc. etc.). I do think it would be helpful to have a column in Entrepreneur or Forbes, but I really don’t know if that is necessary.

My Vision for the BW Missions Team

We will have a team of specialists who all are incredibly gifted in their desired area of expertise. We will work fluidly together and built repeatable systems and processes for working with any client at any area of the marketing spectrum.

I could see us having a team comprised of

  1. Head of Operations
  2. Account Management Director
  3. Content Creators
  4. Brand Strategists
  5. Web Designers
  6. PR specialists
  7. Ad Specialists
  8. Marketer to run our own brand, project managers etc.

My Vision for Leadership

The team we build will all inherently become leaders in their own regard, empowered to make decisions without my final approval. I want to entrust them to use their creative talents.

Clients will look to us as a team that produces incredibly quality work, is nimble, and can execute on projects efficiently.

My Vision for Brand Communications

We will do a small rebrand from bryanwish.com of the company to BW Missions, so it is about building other people’s dreams, and we hold the keys to making all the missions working – to give the team and understanding of what we are fighting towards.


LLC, SCorp, BCorp etc.
Start Fall 2019

Customer Service

We will have a 24-hour response policy with clients. Clients should not have to wait to be responded to and we need to really make who we work with feel special and like a priority.

Mentors & Partners

I need to put people on my board of advisors or in my mentorship circle who have built companies to 30-100 people. I’ve done a great job surrounding myself with entrepreneurs at the early stage or small team founders.

Now, I need the thinking, expertise, and strategy of people have been there before and can advise properly from operations, payments, growth, revenue etc.

Vivid Vision 2021

Profitability: $3-5 million/year by 2019. 2019 Goal: $250k 2020: $1 Million 2021: $3 Million

However, I need a tactical plan of how I’m going to get there. I have ideas … but really need to think strategically through and understand how…

How I Feel:

I feel we are doing important work and giving people the tools to truly create their dreams. Our employees feel fulfilled and they are building / part of a company greater than themselves.

Balance/Family Life:

Playing a valuable role in my significant other’s life is important to me. I want to be able to grow personally with who I’m with and help build a foundation with her.

Right now, that is my girlfriend Elizabeth. I want to be able to shut off fully for at least half a day to a full day and go on a hike/adventure. I want to be able to do a week long vacation every year to reset and a weekend trip every quarter. Also, exercise is extremely important and working with a coach and constantly reading.

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