case study: wish dish


PROBLEM: As we navigate through our most transformational years (18-25) we often happen upon our most difficult questions. Who am I? Where do I belong in this world? What am I meant to do with my life? Reaching these mental blockades influences intense hardship for anyone feeling incapable of tackling them.

SOLUTION: I created a safe haven for conversations from these questions through an online platform I called Wish Dish. More than 800 contributors used the site to navigate their respective self-discoveries. To better serve our growing community, we built events like “Showing Up Naked” and a global network to better connect people based on shared experiences.

RESULTS: Our global community grew to include over 10 countries, with 50+ ambassadors, 800+ online contributors, and over 500K site visitors in two years. We were featured by countless student and community-based publications, including Terry Student Magazine and Hypepotamus.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed about Bryan during the Wish Dish process was how important it was to him to create a community that can help people. When it comes to creating communities, you must put the user first and make sure they get value out of what you are building.

Having this be a driving force behind the business will not only differentiate the product but make users proud to be a part of it.
— Serge Efap, Co-Founder of Elite Daily; CEO of Ambrose