College Ambassador program

I worked alongside the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Braves to identify expansion opportunities into a new demographic market. Exploring this complex problem led to my spearheading the teams' inaugural collegiate ambassador programs, giving the brands visibility to untapped younger audiences and providing opportunities for students to invest in their personal influence through sports marketing. 


Wish Dish

I saw a gap in the stories being shared online. Nobody was seeing beneath the surface of much of anything beyond just catchy headlines. Tapping into this space and curating iceberg-deep stories led me to WishDish, a place for reality to be written about in a space real talk had never been seen before. Thousands of readers engaged on the platform in ways both offline and on, fulfilling the digital influence I was dreamed of building.



KAiros Society

With a mission to empower the next generation toward game-changing problem solving, Kairos rested within potential too important not to build out. Incorporating my growth and marketing strategy to scale campus chapters through 40 different countries skyrocketed the society into the dominant entrepreneurial powerhouse it is today.



The Creative Curve

Most recently, my path led me to Allen Gannett, on the brink of a global marketing launch for his book The Creative Curve. Allen gave me a truly unique opportunity to work under his vision and taught me how execute in the digital landscape to make his book a success. Working with a CEO by day and Author at night taught me resilience and work ethic unlike ever before enabling a large-scale marketing project to lift off and gave me a passion for building brand strategies that impact everyday consumers.