When the Mountain is Too Big, Climb the Hill

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I recently came across a poem by Laura Ding-Edwards called “The Mountain.”

It starts like this: “If the mountain seems too big today // then climb a hill instead…” 

When I read it, I stopped in my tracks. I felt spoken to. 

We all sometimes fall into the trap of thinking in absolutes. Instead of seeing the world in the grayscale that it is, sometimes we can’t help but think in black-and-white. So often, it comes from a place of having high expectations and being hard on ourselves.

We say, “I can’t meet my goal of posting on LinkedIn every day, so I’m not going to bother,” or, “Staying offline all weekend is impossible, I’ll just cancel my family’s day trip,” or even, “I blew my diet by eating this cookie, I may as well finish the box.”

“All or nothing” is a detrimental fallacy. Of course, sometimes going all-in feels like it would be beneficial, but most of the time it’s not. Big, unreachable goals are a trap for burnout, falling short, and feeling like a failure. 

We can’t give things our all every time. And we shouldn’t. 

The best direction is forward. It doesn’t matter how far forward you go, or how small your steps are; what matters is that you’re moving at all. 

Want to write a book? Write 100 words on whatever you want. Thinking about getting in shape? Take a walk around the block. Can’t commit to staying offline for a whole weekend? Block out a few hours instead.

You don’t need to take big leaps. A small step in the right direction is better than no step at all. 

The last line of “The Mountain” reads: “The mountain will still be there // when you want to try again // you can climb it in your own time // and love yourself til then.” 

When you do have the energy or motivation to after it all, your mountain will be there. Until then, take it one step at a time.

Read the whole poem here.

Featured Mission: Julia Marenghi

We’re excited to announce the newest member of our account team: Julia Marenghi. A Massachusetts native, Julia discovered her passion for mission-driven work during her time at the University of Southern California. 
During quarantine, Julia decided to leave LA to pursue a life-long dream: living and working on an organic, regenerative farm. She studied agriculture, worked in the fields, and became a project coordinator for the farm’s nonprofit. After the season ended, Julia moved back to New England where she began her role at BW Missions.
Her mission statement is: “Be relentlessly curious about yourself and your environment. Listen generously and take thoughtful action for not just you, but the ripple it will have in your community and our planet.” 
Thanks to Nicole Fleck for the introduction to your fellow Trojan!

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Swift Kick 

Swift Kick, founded by Tom Krieglstein in 2004, trains over half a million leaders around the world on how to build a Culture of Connection™ in organizations. He believes that the human connection with our customers, teammates, and members is our ultimate competitive advantage. Check out Swift Kick’s website and Tom’s TedxTalk to learn more. 

Bubble Hotels

Founded by YC alum Nathan Resnick, Bubble Hotels offers a unique new way to experience the outdoors. Sleep under the stars in a way you never have before: in an eco-friendly “glamping” bubble that lets you connect with nature without missing the comforts of home. Explore the locations Bubble Hotels has to offer here.


We’re Hiring an Account Manager  

We’re looking for someone to help manage our ever-growing client base under the guidance of the VP of Client Strategy and Success. The ideal candidate is organized, professional, strategically driven, and comfortable working in a digital landscape. 

To learn more and apply, click here!

Momentum Writers Club

The Momentum Writers Club is a 3-month workshop geared specifically toward entrepreneurs and leaders who are writing books. Break through writer’s block, stay accountable, and gain tons of wisdom about the ins and outs of book publishing. Learn more here!

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