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BW Missions has a special knack for getting ‘it” done and “it” can truly be anything. Throw a multi-city book tour? Check. Run a multi-channel social media strategy? Check. Connect two people who need to meet, together? Check. Bryan and his team are all that and then some.”

Allen Gannett

“Bryan and his team are exceptional at what they do. They have grit, take the time to meticulously listen and understand my objectives, and craft authentic work using my voice to help me amplify my messages.”

Dan Berger

“The thing I love most about the BW Missions team is that they’re always willing to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty alongside me, implementing strategic decisions regarding my brand carefully and tactfully. Through a “brick by brick” approach, we’ve been able to understand where we are going and why, creating impactful brand engagement along the way.” 

Dr. Trevor Blattner

“I needed help engaging my community and spreading my message. BW Missions gave me exactly what I was looking for. The team is exceptionally effective at working across platforms and always finds ways to better serve my readers.”

Nir Eyal

“The BW Missions team continues to surprise me in new ways. I’ve never been truly vulnerable online before. The team helped me to meaningfully connect with my audience around my story of becoming Forever Employable through building a true community of evangelists who carry my message forward every day.”

Jeff Gothelf

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4633 Battenburg Lane Fairfax, VA 22030

Frequently Asked


Why should we work together?

Experience a business relationship beyond the traditional. If you are a visionary, entrepreneur, author and are passionate about the idea you’re creating for this world, don’t build your idea by yourself. We will listen first, take action second. Building you a path towards helping you strategically reach your goals through strong execution across time.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients come from all over the world with all different backgrounds and skillsets. We work with authors, entrepreneurs, consultants. Our clients have been represented in Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, Morning Brew, and Wired Magazine.

How long will it take to reach our designated ROI?

We demonstrate accurate ROI through analytical reports tied to website conversions, social media metrics, leads and referrals.

How do I know if BWM is a good match for my business?

The BW Missions team seeks out a mutual fit with our clients. To instill full confidence that we are the best fit for you and your organization, we arrange a 1:1 meeting to understand you and your mission. Here is what past clients and BW Mission’s community members have said!

How come your brand focuses on Pathfinding as a central tenant?

“Pathfinding” is integral to BW Mission’s brand identity. We exist to carve pathways for individuals to belong. All of our efforts are centered around this one word that can change lives, by changing paths.

I have a great product but don’t know how to get it to market. Can you help?

BW Missions markets brands, books, products, with the same approach we brand our mission. With a detailed and results-oriented content strategy we build communities around your message. To see how we’ve done this with clients, visit our case study page.

Do you provide hourly consulting?

Yes! We offer one on one strategic consulting across all brand architecture services ranging from content creation and distribution, digital strategy, community development, and marketing efforts.

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