The class that teaches you what no class ever teaches you

A program designed for young, capable, and eager professionals who are trying to figure out their next step in their life and career, but don’t know where to start.



  • Better understanding of self, increased confidence in the direction over your path
  • Relational awareness
  • A new understanding of how to be a mentee to executive-level connections
  • An online presence and brand truly representative of you
  • Connections from the BWM Network through private events and sharing

“Learning to speak into who I am has changed my relationships with mentors, colleagues, and friends alike. Bryan’s approach is simply not taught in schools and has led me to learn from Fortune 500 executives on a regular basis. This wisdom has made me change my approach to my career path long term and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Jordan Fox

“Bryan helped me get in touch with myself and my deepest ambitions. I now feel equipped with confidence and creativity to self start opportunities and to foster meaningful connections with others.”

Jessica Beth Corr

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