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Lately, I’ve had an internal shift that made me reconsider how I live. 

I’m trying to find the balance between going with the flow and working full steam ahead. As someone who likes to make things happen and pursue my professional vision, I’ve never felt that I could just float along with the current; I had to constantly grind to chase my dream. 

Now I wonder: Is it possible to do both at the same time? 

I believe it is. Going with the flow is a matter of tapping into our intuition and consciousness. It’s the stillness of intrinsically knowing what direction is natural.

Of course, there will always be moments where you have to push your limits to pursue your goals.

What’s most important is to follow a path that’s natural to you. That way, when you reach an impasse, it’s not impossible to shift into overdrive. It’s just another challenge to overcome. 

So I ask you: Go with the flow or full steam ahead? Or both?

For deeper thoughts on to this topic, read my LinkedIn post here.

Featured Mission: Naseem Malik

Naseem Malik is a Managing Partner at MRA Global, where he uses 15+ years of supply chain management and logistics experience to help companies recruit top talent. Before MRA Global, he was Director of Global Sourcing at Terex Corporation and ACCO Brands, as well as a management consultant for AT Kearney

As an active member of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and various Purchasing Councils, Naseem has authored articles for Inside Supply Management magazine, SpendMatters, and presented on topics relating to talent challenges in the global marketplace. Find Naseem here.

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Jen Marr spent 5 years in crisis response, working with communities and individuals that experienced great tragedies. During this time, a realization dawned on her: very few people are skilled in comforting others. She founded Inspiring Comfort, an organization dedicated to cultivating human care and connection by establishing comfort as a teachable skill. Founded on the belief that today’s isolated, socially disconnected, and hurting world causes more harm than good, Inspiring Comfort encourages us to do a better job of caring for one another.  

Jen and Inspiring Comfort have helped thousands build a caring and connective world. She’s the author of Kickstarter’s #2 book, Paws to Comfort. She’s worked in mental health organizations that advocate Comfort Skill Programming, such as the National Suicide Lifeline, Georgetown University, Northeastern University, The New York Office of Mental Health, and the American Association of Suicidology. 

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“What’s remembered, lives.” Frances McDormand, Nomadland 

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