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How do you handle being overwhelmed? I didn’t do a great job until my mom taught me an important lesson.

When I was in high school, I took AP economics. I found it impossible to keep track of all the different graphs to memorize. My mom came in with a simple fix: draw out each of the charts and tackle them one by one. Breaking down this massive project into smaller, bite-sized pieces helped ease the overwhelming task of memorizing dozens of graphs.

The same is true in business and life. There’s a certain amount of unavoidable anxiety before any big decision or event. This anxiety can be so intense that you freeze and do nothing. By channeling the nervous energy into creating a step-by-step plan, no task is too daunting. 

When I launched BW Missions three years ago, that same fear and anxiety returned when I had to organize my daily schedule. Distilling everything I had to do on a given day was debilitatingly stressful. Instead of letting the entire day stare me down, I broke it down into smaller chunks. It was much easier to address these small segments one by one than trying to manage a 24-hour block of time. 

Building a business is big, scary stuff. There are so many areas to stress over: operations, finances, talent, hiring, sales, marketing, and more. When you approach these hurdles one by one or a bit at a time, your business and brain will thank you.

Featured Mission: Louise Palanker

Louise Palanker is a writer, director, producer, filmmaker, author, photographer, comedian, podcaster, musician, songwriter, teacher, and co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks. She is also the co-host of the Media Path Podcast with Fritz Coleman.

Media Path takes you along on a scenic tour through books, movies, TV, podcasts, and music related to a given topic of captivation. They explore entertainment, politics, history, true crime, world events, and all of their intriguing intersections. 

Louise’s film Family Band: The Cowsills Story aired for two years on Showtime and is now available on Amazon Prime. She also writes a weekly advice column for Noozhawk.

New Podcast Episode

Erica Duignan Minnihan: One Maternity Leave Away from a Career Switch

Erica Duignan Minnihan has been an investor and advisor to early-stage technology companies for over nine years. She began her career in Venture Capital as the original Executive Director of Golden Seeds, a national early-stage investor group. She continued working in VC as co-founder and Executive Director of STAR Angel Network and as a Managing Director at top-tier tech accelerator DreamIt Ventures.  

Erica is currently Managing Partner for 1000 Angels, the premier digital-first, invitation-only network for venture investors worldwide. She has a BA in Business Economics from UCLA and an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School. She has also regularly appeared on network television for MSNBC and CNBC on “Your Business” and “Crowd Rules” as a startup business expert.  

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“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. – Henry Ford”

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