Is Company Culture Overrated?

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Do you know those crazy business coaches who always preach about “establishing culture”? 

Well, I think they were right.

As our team has grown, I’ve had to do some catching up to properly support the infrastructure of our team.

I thought I was doing a decent job at establishing company culture. Of course, I knew there were areas I could improve: I have a short emotional fuse, can be quick to the punch, and it would probably help everyone if I stepped back, took off the punching gloves, and went gentler on the keyboard more often.

But it wasn’t until Ashley Merdinger joined our team that I realized what I had to do to truly establish a welcoming, friendly, open culture. She came from a company of 50+ people that had tight-knit bonds both inside and outside the office.

She shared how culture was a matter of intentional action, and she pointed out some of the examples I set. It led me to read a book called What You Do Is Who You Are by Ben Horowitz. (Thanks for the gift, Jason Belzer.)

One of the biggest lessons from Ashley and this book is this: values are only as good as the actions used to represent them. If you have good values, but don’t act on them, what good are they in the first place? 

We sent out a feedback survey to our internal team to see how they viewed our company culture. The results provided clarity for where we can improve and how we can raise retention.

To me, culture is like a glue. It creates trust among team members and gives people a way of doing things day in and day out. When done right, good habits are spread from the top down. When done poorly, bad habits are spread like wildfire. 

People look to those in charge for an example. This power is a great responsibility, and it should be used wisely–especially when creating the glue that keeps a company together.

Featured Mission: Lisa Hickey

We partnered with The Good Men Project as a content distributor (thanks, Leah Walsh) for our articles and podcasts and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re working closely with Lisa Hickey, CEO of Good Men Media, Inc. and publisher of The Good Men Project, a multimedia, cross-platform site that asks, “What does it mean to be a good man in the 21st century?” 

At its core, The Good Men Project is a social movement that sets out to challenge long-held notions of what manhood, men, and gender roles mean. The Good Men Project is a destination for thoughtful, insightful, and surprising stories that speak to modern men.

Before launching The Good Men Project, Lisa worked in advertising. Her experience in the industry is extensive; she’s worked as an art director, a copywriter, a creative director, and a CEO. She has won a host of regional, national, and international awards ranging from Cannes, MOMA, Clio, and The London Show for her work in advertising.

Read our first co-published article on how leaders can transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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