Account Director Job Overview:

BW Missions is a company that helps craft pathways for our clients to belong. Right now, these individuals are CEOs and prominent authors who are experts in their given areas. Our job is to turn them into thought leaders, leveraging community building, online media, and PR within the digital landscape. Clients we’ve worked with include Jay Abraham, Nir Eyal, Denise Gosnell, Dan Berger, and more. In the past two years, we have grown by 300% and are looking to disrupt the traditional nature of this industry.

The ideal candidate is one who is data driven, a strong strategic thinker and leader, organized operationally, but can also roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with a startup mindset and learn quickly. 

To succeed in this role, you will need to be a strong and polished communicator working with internal (team members) and external stakeholders (clients & vendors) of the BW Missions brand. Additionally, a strong understanding of social media, digital content, newsletters, and community building are essential.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Building, adapting, and leading strategy across all client accounts and coordinating internally with the BWM team to make it happen
  • Understanding the digital media landscape, digital activations and executionacross all channels (from social to email to paid ads) and online/virtual events 
  • Developing insights and best practices with new channels to create, deliver, and distribute a message on behalf of a client to build community and achieve client objectives; leveraging data at every step
  • On behalf of clients, you will be responsible for the coordination between Head of Reporting, Head of Content, Account Managers, and CEO/COO
    • Ability to be creative and come up with idea inspired actions and digital strategies and campaigns for long term clients and be adaptable to client needs 
  • Working closely with our Head of Content, Account Manager, and Head of Reporting to identify insights that can be implemented across client accounts and channels to continue to improve upon the thought leadership product we have assembled
  • Anticipate client needs to deliver insights to the CEO & COO to facilitate product development 
  • Consistently being polished, prepared, and outgoing in order to succeed in the handling of client relationships as well as willing go the extra mile with the “value-add” mentality
  • Maintain organized documentation of meeting notes and relaying them internally; communicating those updates internally to the team to be executed


  • Minimum 4 years in a digital or integrated media environment i.e. publisher or agency, with a background in media planning, community building, client service, or account management 


  • Opportunity to join a high-growth startup and make a difference in the work that we do
  • Ability to network and learn from incredible individuals across all industries
  • You will be heard, valued, empowered and generate long-term positive impact for communities  
  • Fast paced, challenging, and growth oriented environment built for the life-long learner
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