Carson Morell

In second grade, my teacher called me the ‘money man’ because I was always collecting coins. Since then, my title has changed, but my fascination with finance remains the same. Whether it’s a food truck or a coffee shop, I have a knack for piecing together and understanding the components of a business at first glance and relating it to the bigger picture.

Led by a conviction that the best opportunities are the ones that have no ceiling, I seek to transform processes, ideas, and tactics that breed results and growth. I am an unconventional risk-taker who uses vision to take action in leading myself and others through both short term and long term growth strategies.

Through working with mission-driven entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and CEOs to develop digital strategies behind book, product, and business launches, I am able to charge the change management processes through innovation that requires a level of risk in the uncharted, unprecedented territory and arrive at a solution. By unraveling the different channels and modes of operations in this way, I can recognize the interconnectedness of people, business, finances, and operations, and implement the appropriate actions.

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“If you don't have a plan, you become part of somebody else's.”

Terence McKenna

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