Morgan Beavers
Writer and Content Developer

Morgan draws on her experience in public relations, psychology, and creative writing to help clients tap into and share their most authentic selves.

She attributes her voracious love of strategic writing to her dad, Wade, who instilled in her the value of carefully-crafted prose from as early as she can remember. Following in his footsteps, Morgan is driven by an unwavering dedication to clarity, rhythm, and meaningful effect in everything she composes.

She has worked in a variety of roles, including as a university-level writing instructor, youth home counselor, marketing director, and craft coffee barista and has experience in freelance, creative, academic research, and journalistic writing. In addition to her love of writing, Morgan is a dedicated LGBTQ+ and mental health advocate. She is currently working towards a Master’s of Mental Health Counseling and is excited to continue integrating her love of writing with her desire to support others in living their fullest lives. 

Morgan lives with her partner in Missoula, Montana, where she enjoys mountain running and making pottery. Her favorite writers include Annie Dillard, John O’Donohue, and Mary Oliver. Morgan holds a B.A. in Public Relations from the University of Georgia and M.A. in Environmental Literature from the University of Montana.

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“Why are we reading, if not in hope of beauty laid bare, life heightened and its deepest mystery probed?”

Annie Dillard

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