Reid Spears
Head of Analytics and Reporting


“As a 2020 graduate from Tulane University with majors in Finance and Legal Studies, Reid is no stranger to the adversity the COVID pandemic created. He prides himself in his ability to stay disciplined, confident, and open-minded when facing a problem. Through creative thinking and sheer work-ethic, Reid is able to analyze and make successful business decisions.

Reid’s passion for finance and entrepreneurship stems from his desire for success and unconventional thinking. He believes that businesses can always be improved and is continuously looking for new and efficient processes. He has always had a strong affinity for numbers and the ability to gather, organize, and analyze data to glean meaningful and impactful inferences. Outside of work, Reid is an avid traveller and a huge sports fan.”

Work With Us

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”

Tim Fargo

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