What’s “One Word” You Would Use to Describe Yourself?

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Before we begin, Happy Halloween!

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This was me as a kid, on the left, and my sister on the right. I think this picture is still very much true to this day … (interpret as you Wish)

Recently, I was approached by someone who had a very successful career in corporate branding. He said to me, “Bryan, I want to help you discover the ‘One Word’ that reflects the core value you bring to the world. 

A little confused, yet open to understanding, I spent a couple of weeks answering a variety of deep and reflective questions regarding my own life. Then, I sent my answers to someone I’d only had one conversation with on the phone. 

Sound a little crazy? Sure, but I’m a big proponent of these kinds of exercises. You always find and learn something unique about yourself, every single time.

After I submitted my workbook, he took the time to review my answers. When I heard back from him, he said something to the extent of “Your ‘One Word’ is so obvious!” 

I was curious about his takeaways, and couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

Rich said that all the stories I shared in the exercise came down to the theme of belonging. Throughout my life, I’ve used introspection and relationships to find the right path for myself, and the path for others – in the best way possible.


Rich Keller helped me discover my core value in just One Word. As we have gone into more exercises together over the past few weeks to build more of an identity, we’ve started to ask the question, “What does BW Missions really “sell” to clients?” 

While I’ve always had trouble answering that question, working with Rich has helped me realize that our product is the process of helping our clients find the best path forward to accelerate the messages that matter most to them (and us, too). We are the pathfinders selling a pathway to belonging.

Rich Keller: Newsletter 12 Featured Mission

Rich Keller is a proven disruptive thinker who has worked in corporate branding for two decades, building identities for some of the world’s most iconic brands at Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Godiva, and more. He’s been at the pinnacle of understanding how to help companies craft a brand’s core value, so they can break through the clutter to drive sales and build a more loyal community.

But beyond his “rich” experience in his field, he’s also very inspiring. A cancer survivor and someone who left a high paying job to inspire young people to build strong brand identities of their own, he has entered into a new chapter of his life. 

Embracing his own ‘One Word’ as a CATALYST, Rich now speaks all around the country motivating young adults to consider how the power of crafting their personal brands with just ‘One Word’ can transform how they are seen by the world, in order to:
Stand out, Conquer Obstacles, & Reach Excellence…in other words, SCORE!

Check out his website or connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more. He’s a very genuine person.

GROWTH: Newsletter 12

The Secret to Successfully Scaling Yourself: Why an Effective #2 is Your #1 Asset 


Have you ever thought about how to stop making yourself the bottleneck? Sometimes, getting out of your own way simply takes strong systems and organizational techniques. 

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When I met Jaymit last year, I didn’t have a position for him, but I knew I’d need him in a few months. At the time, I could never have predicted how true this would be or how priceless his contributions would become for our success as a business.

Today, Jaymit runs 85% of the day to day operations and has been the single greatest asset this business has had since its’ inception.

Now, just don’t steal him from me!

OPPORTUNITIES: Newsletter 12


UVA senior Grant Sirlin is a truly innovative thinker. During college, he founded an NCAA-approved platform that connects college athletes with youth in their communities for sports training. Division 1-On-1 Trainers will transform how college athletes can profit under NCAA rules. Grant has left a legacy on campus by founding a chapter of Kairos to help fellow entrepreneurs execute on visions just like his.

As graduation approaches, Grant is ready to contribute his marketing, customer acquisition, content creation, and communication skills to a dynamic team. An inquisitive problem-solver, he’s highly interested in startups and is eager to learn and grow. Contact him at ges3xj@virginia.edu if you think he might be a good fit.


Carrying on with our sports theme, PrizePicks CEO Adam Wexler is hiring a support person on the West Coast who can cover nights and weekends. 

If you or someone you know can roll up their sleeves and pitch in, speak confidently on the company’s behalf and provide the utmost level of customer service, reach out to wexler15@gmail.com. 

Adam has been a long-time mentor of mine. He’s one of the first entrepreneurs who took me under his wing when I was in college at Georgia. I can attest that Adam is a great guy who never stops grinding, and his latest startup may be his most successful yet.


I am so thrilled to share the exciting news about our podcast we have been working on since August. I haven’t shared it with many people yet, but the reception so far has been superb.

We also plan to make this show a hit. People seem to like the angle of the show as well as it’s not another show about “how x person got to y.”  

I’ve learned an incredible amount from all the book launches I’ve facilitated over the past few years, so I have pretty high expectations for this launch. You will definitely learn a lot by joining us!

Join our podcast launch team by filling out this form!

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If ideas intrigue you, then you probably enjoy dabbling on godaddy.com and trying to find appealing domain names. I’ve recently bought a few that felt “just right,” and I’m excited to bring them out of the woodwork for future endeavors. 

It’s really hard to get your domain name just right, but this article from Moz shares insightful tips and tricks to make the process easier. Here’s one of the best pieces of advice my good friend Michael Gargiulo, CEO of VPN.com and Domain Broker, taught me early on: “Make sure it passes the “telephone test.” 


There is something about the Life Is Good brand I’ve always admired, and they recently started a podcast centered around Positivity. Michelle’s story is an inspirational one. The episode featuring her interview really got me thinking about my own life and how I want it to unfold.


When I first started my first startup Wish Dish (a content website), I had no content strategy whatsoever!

If I could go back for a re-do, I’d spend a ton of time mapping out the keyword strategy for each subsection of the website to win in its respective domain.

At BW Missions, we’re starting to give a lot of thought to the keywords we want to rank for beyond the experience sharing of how we are building our business. Check out this article to learn more.


One of the biggest tech events of the year is right around the corner! Join DC Inno for their biggest event of the year, 50 on Fire

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When: November 21st, 2019 from 6:00PM – 9:00PM

Where: The Living Room, 1008 Vermont Ave NW, 20005 Washington, DC

The companies on this year’s list are some of the most exciting, disruptive startups in their respective industries, including:

  • Software (B2B, AI, ML, VR/AR)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare, Health Tech, Wellness
  • Education / EdTech
  • Government & Civic Technology
  • Social Impact & Environmental Science
  • Design, Development, Marketing

Join your fellow entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts at this celebration of innovators, big and small. 50 on Fire will champion innovation everywhere it appears, from EdTech and graphic design to nonprofits and even your favorite local businesses. 

As a leader, starting from a place of asking “Why” is non-negotiable. This answer will be the reason other people will buy into what you’re doing. These exercises have also been very important in my work with Rich.

“If a movement is to have an impact, it must be belong to those who join it, not to those who lend it.”

Simon Sinek

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