How To Find the Courage to Stand Out

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I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking lately thanks to a few special people who have pushed me to take time for myself. Much of it has been internal work I’ve put off for the past year as I’ve focused on trying to get this business to function independently and stand on its own two feet.

Through this period, I’ve gained a lot of clarity on parts of my life I’ve never fully understood. One of my realizations was how hard I always tried to fit in: 

  • With the popular kids in high school and sports teams
  • At the colleges I thought I should attend
  • In the fraternity I wanted to join in college and eventually dropped 
  • Within personal relationships where I longed to feel accepted 
  • With internship and job opportunities that almost felt right, but never fit me 100%

Time after time, I looked for a home in ones that had been built for people unlike me. When I tried to enter these spaces, I knew they weren’t where I should stay for the long term… but I felt fine making myself comfortable on the couch. At the end of the day, this felt a lot like settling.

As I tried to fit in at places that were wrong for me, I often lost sight of my true identity. I often put myself in vulnerable situations that led to the wrong direction, most notably my junior year of college.

This down period inspired me to dig into who I was and start self-discovery work. I came out of this experience with a new motivation.

I didn’t just want to try to fit in anymore. I started to build my own path, where sharing messages people needed to hear navigate their own journey has been at the center of my work.

And the more I tried to stand out on my own, the more the right people found me, and I felt like I fit in for the first time in my life, and built a community in the right places and shared experiences with others who understood me, for me. Read more in the article featured below!

My Mom: Newsletter 13 Featured Mission

Strong, but soft.

Independent, yet empathetic and caring. 

Industrious, yet never thinking she is above others.

Athletic, & still has not “aged” fully at 59 years old 😄

My mother has been one of the biggest advocates in my life in my emotional, personal, and career development. I believe every good leader needs a strong woman in their life to not only support them, but to help give them perspectives to guide them intentionally.

After a terrible home buying experience in her 20s, she’s made her personal mission helping others navigate the hurdles of the home buying process so they can achieve financial independence.

I didn’t take her advice early in my career, but I’ll be learning from her soon when it comes to savings. P.S. I recently built her a website, and it turned out superb (thanks Chloe Belangia for your messaging work too!)

Growth: Newsletter 13


There is a lot of talk about building your own community. But have you ever thought about how to entrench yourself in a preexisting group?

One of the first communities that really felt like home was Next Gen. It’s the place I found lifelong friends in founders Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella. These two guys are incredible, and I’m so impressed with what they have built. 

This community has given me so much … In this article, I share in-depth about the science of leveraging a community the right way and how Next Gen has fundamentally shaped my career path. Learn how this and other communities can do the same for you in my latest article, Riding the Wave of Another Community’s Momentum As You Build Your Own.

Opportunities: Newsletter 13


DC-based Blindsheep Digital is hiring 1-2 part-time developers for frontend work. In this role, you will support end-to-end buildouts and help educate clients on the “what” and “why” behind every step, from discovery & strategy to design & development. Remote work and an attentive leader and CEO in Joe Devito. If interested email joe@blindsheepdigital.com with your resume and cover letter.
Join Our Podcast Launch Team: 

We’ve pushed back the podcast launch date to Dec 2. Over the past few years launching books, products, and more, I’m very confident those involved in the launch will learn something new they can apply to their own work. Details to come. 👉 Join our launch team here 👈!

Resources: Newsletter 13


In episode 68 of this fascinating podcast, psychologist and Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman reveals the actions we can take to overcome the biases that cripple our decision-making, damper our thinking, and limit our effectiveness. Listen and Learn.


Consuming the same type of content over and over gets tiring, no matter what business it’s coming from. Getting introspective through fictional characters is sometimes a good idea. I’m 2/3 done with Where the Crawdads Sing by Author Delia Owens and have really enjoyed learning about the main character Kya, discovering and finding herself, experiencing hardship and heartbreak along the way, and becoming a best selling author. Open Up Your Heart.


My good friends Tom Worcester and Ben Bradbury recorded a podcast episode on their Show Subject Matter. They talk about hard and uncomfortable conversations inspire growth, vulnerability, change, and then share what happens on the other side of tough conversations from leading researchers.  Get Uncomfortable.


During my junior year of college, my teacher showed this video to the class. It’s a guy dancing on a hill, by himself, looking like a crazy person. But before long, he’s joined by a group of others who identify with him. Go against the grain.


A few years ago, I attended the SLUSH conference in Helsinki, Finland. It was a trip of a lifetime, flying from Silicon Valley and hearing stories from incredible business leaders.

I learned how the founder of Shazam spent 10 years building technology and trying to find the right market fit for the company’s product. After almost quitting multiple times, Steve Jobs and the App Store paved the way. They became profitable a few years later, and the rest is history.

This conference is one of a kind, and Nasim, in the picture above is offering a 20% discount to our newsletter community.

Buy Your Tickets Here! | Promo Code: BWMISSIONTOSLUSH

“Go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.”

Paul F. Davis

When it comes to belonging, you can tell when reactions are genuine. You can tell when others reactions to you feel enthusiastic and accepting, versus just “Okay, I’ll tolerate you…”

Having the awareness to understand people and their intentions takes a lot of work, but often helps you spend time with the right people. Doesn’t that sound so much better than wasting time with the people who don’t care?

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