It Takes A Village. How Far Will You Go in 2020?

Welcome to BW Missions Newsletter 17

Looking back at the past year, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. In December 2018, I was running a one-man consulting shop with no idea what the future would hold, but a desire to begin supporting myself to reach personal and professional goals I always set out to have, on my own terms.  I knew coming into this year was going to be a grind. I was scared of repeating the mistakes I made with my first business, but hindsight is a powerful teacher. 

Fast forward 365 days, and we’ve achieved what I call the business trifecta: 

  1. Financial sustainability
  2. Client impact by amplifying voices and building communities
  3. Team development

17. 18. 42. 45. 1.

These are the numbers that encapsulate the scale of our reach, the impact we can make, and how far we can spread truly meaningful messages. 


Through this newsletter, I’ve shared 17 chapters of my story with you. I hope that delving into not only the exciting wins but also my most personal vulnerabilities and transformative challenges can help make your own path a little easier to navigate.


We’ve amplified the voices of 18 amazing people who have changed my life in profound ways, who all are fearlessly pursuing missions that matter.


Connecting members of our community through shared passions and compatible skills, strengths, and needs, we’ve built out an online network of real human connection by featuring 42 unique opportunities. Promising candidates have found the right teams to hone their strengths, innovators have sourced interested investors and product testers, curious minds have discovered engaging events to meet like-minded people, and organizations have sourced talent to build out their teams.


Learning and growth are the foundational elements of my personal development and entrepreneurial path. It helps me be a better leader, mentor, and founder. For me, the key to becoming better is to soak up the best knowledge and experience I can through books, podcasts, videos, and other resources from brilliant minds. I shared 45 of the best resources I’ve come across, and I hope they help you elevate your interests and expand your goals. Now, we’re on newsletter 17 after launching so recently!


 One Community. Each and every one of you. We are nothing without you, the readers who tune in every two weeks to read our stories, engage with our content, and connect with each other. You have made it possible for us to build a company that empowers voices, turns experts into thought leaders, and that builds communities for people who deserve to stand out. 


Today, BW Missions has a team of four full-time employees and over a dozen part-time contributors. What we do here isn’t just fulfilling.  We’ve managed to accomplish an objective that some of the largest companies on Earth struggle with: to create and develop a team that isn’t just a roster of numbers. Our team is comprised of brilliant people, the most valuable asset any business can have:

Jaymit Rao has been absolutely integral to our company’s success. He constantly blows me away with his stunning talent and unwavering drive. I know without a doubt that he has what it takes to make it in this business and help us build a 7-figure company by 2021. 

Jaymit also possesses something so many people in this space lack: he cares. He’s delivered in ways that even I couldn’t have predicted. Riding this wave with someone as special as Jaymit is absolutely what it takes for this business to work.

The incredible Tim Blaney sold thousands and thousands of copies of Nir Eyal’s latest book Indistractable by growing his digital community and producing thousands of tweets the past 6 months producing tons of content. 

Ever since I went to Catherine Kushan and said, “I want to start a newsletter,” she hasn’t missed a beat. We put the whole design and content sections together and never stopped. As of writing this, she has edited and produced every edition of this newsletter, plus dozens of long-form articles. 

Our team of writers are the people who bring our mission to life, spending hours tinkering with punctuation and pouring over thesauruses. Each and every one of them is integral to our operations. 

Team members like Asmir Lalani and Carson Morrell got their start doing standard account work, and went on to take up the mantle for more challenging responsibilities. Asmir is about to start leading all of our content efforts for BW Missions Social Channels. Carson is running our partnerships, writing client proposals, and leading our ambassador program launch.

Kelly Moya is a marketing wizard. Ever since a key teammate had to take time off for critical health reasons, she’s stepped up and segued from account work to essentially directing all of our marketing efforts.  I’ve witnessed her exponential growth as a leader.

All of our success is made possible by our team’s consistent and detail-oriented efforts, and commitment to the process. Hard work, scrappy team members who are adaptable to change, have solid core values, and are field by a desire to always grow: This is the BW Missions way.


As a subscriber, you aren’t just connected to “Bryan’s company.” You’re directly enabling a mission-driven machine that elevates voices that need to be heard.

In 2020, BW Missions has some big initiatives planned. 

  • We’re launching a new website
  • Starting a speaking bureau arm of the company for a select few of our clients
  • Releasing the podcast we’ve been preparing since August 2019
  • Launching a referral ambassador program for our newsletter. 

We currently have 20 incredible clients at the top of their respective sectors. That’s an impressive feat, but it’s just the beginning. I am fully confident we can increase that number to 35-40 by the end of 2020.

We’ve come so far, but we’re still in the nascent stages. I can’t wait to see where next year takes us – together. Thanks for being a part of our community, spreading our brand, and supporting more than what we do ==> but who we are.

Thank You For Reading Newsletter 17!

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Catherine Kushan

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