What Was Your “One Away” Moment?

Welcome to BW Missions Newsletter 22

I never envisioned myself having a newsletter.

I never envisioned myself having a podcast.

I definitely never envisioned myself leading the company I do today, this early.

But that all changed when I was forced to take matters into my own hands and realized building a brand on yourself was one of the most important things you can do. You can spend years pouring yourself into a company, but what happens when you stop working there? What do you have to show for it?

As I reflect on this journey, it’s been a series of these One Away moments that have transformed my path for the better.

Okay, back to the Podcast Launch.

Fun fact: I initially started this podcast last winter. After I recorded 10-12 episodes, I said to myself: “This is not good. There’s absolutely zero uniqueness here; it’s exactly like any other startup podcast.”

So, I scrapped it – entirely. Gutting it clean was absolutely stomach-wrenching, as my fellow creators know. In the words of America’s greatest author William Faulkner, “Murder your darlings.” In the midst of giving myself permission to screw up, I saw the light. In a flash of inspiration, I instantly knew how to get it right.

This podcast took a village- a village of the very best people I know.

Right away, I asked Chloe Belangia to help me brand this show and give it life. She helped me build the infrastructure and a storyline to make it special for both the guests I interview (that could be you) and the people who listen (that’s you!). 

Zac Oransky hand-crafted the impeccable graphics around the show. He is the best brand designer I’ve ever met.

A lifelong friend I grew up with produced custom music. 

My friend D.J. has the most grit, best audio/visual skills, and highest level of attention to detail of anyone I’ve met the past few years, and he brought it all together.

I had many audio recording blunders- I can’t tell you how many times I “red-lined!” Hearing “Bryan, you need to re-record” from D.J. almost became the bane of my existence. 

Then for each episode (or One Away story) I asked Catherine Kushan, who helps write this newsletter, turn the episodes into long form articles. 

Her friend Elizabeth Curtis is an amazing transcriber, and she made the journey from voice to text seamless. The two of them tag teamed that process with incredible focus.

I even pushed back the launch- twice (If you know me well, you probably have an idea why): from November, to February, to now. 

But it’s finally here: I’m so thrilled to bring this project to you!

Even though the actual podcast took almost two years to launch, 157 special people came together to join our launch team within just 72 hours. I’m so grateful for the community of people who jump right behind my ideas without even knowing what’s coming next. 

I’ll be sharing an article soon on what I learned from this process – stay tuned! 

In the meantime, here’s the most important takeaway: Quality work and ideas takes time- they can take years to come to life. 

Keep going.

Keep building. 

Keep nurturing your dreams.

Here’s my promise to you: this will never be just another business podcast. In every episode, we cut right to the heart of the stories that matter to people the most.

One Away moments range from life threatening health scares and being fired to speech impediments, joining the circus after college, and beyond.  Check out the show today!

Lea Boreland: Newsletter 22 Featured Mission

Lea Boreland is one of those people who just gets it. Whenever you sit down with her, the conversation could lead anywhere: the humanities, philosophy, human-centered product design, and beyond. She leads Customer Success Operations at Quorum, writes a newsletter called 4 Cool Jobs, and is just a genuinely cool person to know.

Lea’s goal is to connect people with opportunities where they can build things they love. She loves helping people figure out how to contribute the entire might of their perspective and potential.  When she’s not building systems, she’s probably reading tweets about the coronavirus or the book Normal People by Sally Rooney. I highly recommend subscribing to her blog!

Growth: Newsletter 22

Creating Unified Leadership in Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, we need people who can step up and drive necessary change. We need people who motivate us. We need people who get us off our feet and demand action.

We need leaders. But what makes somebody a leader?

Leadership isn’t about a salary or job title. 

It isn’t about awards or accolades.

It isn’t even about being in charge. 

Leadership is about bringing people together…and building communities. And we have an opportunity now more than ever to use the internet for the benefit of others.

Read my latest article on people who started movements in precarious times that made a big impact here!


Dynamic Boston-Based Startup Hiring Two Engineers 

SaaSWorks is an early-stage startup that creates customer-focused RevOps solutions for scaling SaaS businesses. Securely backed by long-term investors, the team is disrupting the very nature of scaling up operations and maximizing revenue retention using a mix of data analytics, ML, and tech experts to deliver results.Right now, they’re hiring for two full time positions: a Data-Engineer and a Full Stack Engineer. If you or someone you know sounds like a good fit, send them my way and I’ll connect you!

HR and Recruiting Candidate Remotely Available to Work Anywhere!
Britt Pitcher and I connected online recently and she’s a gem of a human being. Locationed in Cincinnati, Ohio she’s looking for remote and work from home roles in the recruiting, benefits administration and human resources space. If you have a position that sounds like a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out to britt.pitcher@gmail.com!

Resources: Newsletter 22

Your Quarantine Must-Read: Black Box Thinking. Why? I’m doing this really cool exercise right now to plot my life out for the next 10 years. My life/performance coach Neal Bowes suggested reading this book to help me think this through. He wants me to think about the pitfalls along the way so I can establish a clearer sense of my personal “why.” 

AirPods in: I am biased, but my first podcast episode dropped with Stephen Shedletsky, Head of Brand and Community at Simon Sinek Inc. Get ready for some goosebumps and give it a listen!

What to Watch: Ali Wong on YouTube. My improv comedy class is really making me think I have a second career ahead of me in comedy!

Who’s Caught My Eye Lately (No, Not Like That!): David Perell is amazing on Twitter. I love his stance on longform and written communication. 

“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind, there are few.”

Shunryu (Phil Knight, Shoe Dog)

If you know the chess moves ahead, picking a few things to spend your focus allows you to get to the other side of the board.

Hopefully, our doctors, world shakers, and more take this mindset and see the path forward to fight off the terrible global virus. 

The Pathfinder
Catherine Kushan

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