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If you told me this time last year a 20 year old would be running 80% of our day-to-day operations, I would have thought you were crazy.

Last summer, I walked into the highest revenue grossing local coffee shop in the DC area – to clarify, [pre-Covid]!  At the front was the 19-year-old Carson Morell, both a student at George Mason and also the store’s full-time manager. He had been there on time to open the store every day for the past 2 years. 

My friend Jordan Fox, a coffee lover himself, introduced us. As Jordan and I sat down, he suggested I get to know Carson. 

If you know me, you definitely know I like people. Therefore, I befriended Carson quickly. And for good reason.

Even though Carson never gave me the store discount, I knew I liked him right away. He was such a nice guy, but I thought he was almost 45 by the way he carried himself. He asked me to grab dinner, and was generous enough to pay for our Whole Foods sushi and rotisserie chicken (the telltale sign he was a winner). The whole time we ate, he asked me a bunch of really smart questions.

That night really reminded me of how I used to build relationships in college and after I graduated: Done with care, with class, and with tact.

When we needed to hire someone to run accounts towards the end of last summer, we brought Carson on part time. He took a big risk and quit his stable job where he had built a really strong reputation.

From the second he came in, he started crushing it on just about everything – With no mistakes. 

There was one problem though. He was never satiated. I could never seem to quench his thirst for “more”. There was no floor to his ambition, just a limitless ceiling that kept moving upward every time he reached it. 

His constant refrain was: “Bryan, I feel capped and boxed in. I’m not learning enough.”

Obviously, this was the best kind of problem to have, but it was also an exhausting management issue I hadn’t run across before.

At a conference in New York last fall, “Read People to Lead People,” Gina Malicone Long and Mark Green talked about how each person on your team needs to be communicated to differently and talked about how to organize people in your mind to effectively build rapport.

She then started talking about this same “Carson archetype,” so I took the script off the page in class and texted Carson: “I have something for you to learn when you get back. It’s going to challenge you.”

I had no idea what the “new thing” was, but he replied with great enthusiasm I hadn’t seen in months. Case in point, I’d just have to keep raising his ceiling myself to match his pace.

Everything Carson has brought to the table has been instrumental to our brand. Beyond running our day-to-day client operations, he manages the books, keeping them as polished as my mother’s china dishes, and he ensures our contracts are air-tight contracts.

Carson has been there by my side as I navigated a personal hardship early last fall, and he stepped up big time when a key teammate left in January. He’s stayed in lockstep with me every second to push past the Coronavirus, and pre-virus, he was at the office at 5:30 AM every day – consistently. 

I’m proud to work alongside Carson, even in quarantine from afar. And I’m really excited to watch him continue down the path he is building for himself. 

Here’s my best advice from this story: Put people in your life who are consistent, reliable, good-hearted, and compliment your skill sets while challenging you to become better both personally and professionally.

Rob Vlope: Featured Mission

Rob Volpe is driven by a boundless curiosity about human nature and has a passion for exploring what motivates people. He’s the CEO, Chief Catalyst, Speaker, Empathy Activist at Ignite 360, a California-based insights & strategy firm.

He launched his company to uncover the deeper “why” behind everyday human behavior, and applied this ethos to leverage data-driven insights into actionable solutions that spark empathy and engagement with real consumers.

Rob loves figuring out why we behave as we do, like what we like, and often say one thing and do another. When he’s not speaking at industry conferences, listening to consumers share their stories around the world, or adding to his million-plus miles flown, Rob can be found catching a wave in Waikiki or at home in San Francisco with his partner, Charles, and their three cats, reveling in the rare luxury of standing still.

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How to Find Your Tribe Using Self Knowledge as Your Compass.

When’s the last time someone made you feel seen?  

Do you remember the last conversation you had when everything the other person said resonated to your core? Every day, we face so much pressure to conform from every direction that it often feels easier just to fit in. 

Take a moment and ask yourself: but at what cost?

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For Young Professionals: How do you stand out when no one is hiring?

I’ve recently spoken with a lot of young professionals lately trying to find their path out of college or those unsatisfied after the first two years of their job. And this article was really well done – check it out.

For Business Leaders:  How do you sell when no one is buying?

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One of my closest mentors, Jay Abraham, and one of the best online personalities in leadership, marketing and business, Sangram Vajre (Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Terminus) are taking center stage on LI Live on May 21, 2020. Tune in, it’s going to be a good one.

Register Here ⇒ Jay Abraham and Sangram Vajre Interview

P.S.  Atlanta Tech Companies ✊❤️

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.”

Alfred Adler

What I love about Rob Volpe is how he draws on human stories to build insights. He goes beyond just pure data building to help brands pick up on consumer trends by getting to the heart of people. When you can listen to others, empathize, you can connect more holistically. That’s what it takes to really understand someone, and truly empathize with the challenges they are facing, and maybe even help them overcome.

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