Under What Circumstances Should You Bend the Rules?


In the spring semester of my sophomore year of college, I was selected to intern with the Atlanta Hawks in their Sports Programs department. I was informed the Hawks never offered a sophomore an internship and had a requirement I had to receive school credit from the business school. 

The one problem? I wasn’t in the business school yet.

I had to get creative and figure out how to avoid this “rule” preventing my progress. I met with one of the Deans in my future program and told them how badly I wanted to be involved in the sports business. He not only listened to me, but also provided me with the documentation I needed to work with the Hawks that summer. 

Even though the role didn’t officially “count” for academic credit, I gained invaluable experience and developed meaningful relationships for years to come.

Life always puts rules in place, and usually for a good reason. Rules provide structure and operational flow, but some situations require reevaluation if the intent is right. Where others see rules as a sign to give up or back down, I often use them as motivation to overcome barriers and push forward.

Mark Green: Newsletter 3 Featured Mission


Mark Green is the CEO of Performance Dynamics. As an Executive Coach, he partners with mid-market businesses between $30-$400 million in annual revenue. He has a special knack for finding a business right when they hit the “growth trap” and start struggling to continue accelerating profits. By simplifying focus and putting the right executive team in place, he helps CEO’s achieve their long-term goals.In the year I’ve known Mark, I’ve seen firsthand his intuitive ability to understand where people are on their journey and offer great advice accordingly. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and admire his unwavering focus on equipping business owners with the right tools to make a positive difference in society.
Connect with him and follow his content here!

GROWTH: Newsletter 3


A key component of entrepreneurship is understanding how to meet and connect with people. My professional guide to actualizing your potential lays out the process I’ve used to land every job and meet any person I desire. This step-by-step guide features all my best hacks, tools, templates, exercises, and resources. Relationships are the most valuable form of modern-day currency; here’s how to manage and grow these assets in your own life.



Meet Erik Krumins, a passionate person who will dedicate 100% to your mission, and one of my closest friends from UGA. 

His formidable background ranges from a Senior Analyst role at Discovery, Inc.’s global HQ helping develop the company’s advanced TV data-driven) advertising service for all 17 US-owned networks from the ground up to volunteering as a research analyst for Smart Cities’ New York 2018 Conference, assessing the role of 100+ emerging and established public and private sector entities in city development for our future around the globe.

If you’re part of a collaborative and empowering team where members can augment and refine their skills, reach out to me, and I’ll connect you with Erik. 


Commonwealth Joe has an open role for ambitious junior account executive to sell in Brooklyn, New York to sell their unmatched in quality Nitro Cold Brew Coffee to offices, apartment buildings, hotels and convention centers. I recently learned this over a coffee with their Head of Sales, Timothy Corey, who gave me two too many cold brews ☕️.

Access the job posting online.



Graham Williams, fellow UGA alumni, recently launched his new brand Press On Paper Co.  Built around a unique concept in the digital age, his company is actively reviving the art of the handwritten letter. 

These paper products are hand-crafted tools that equip and inspire their target user base to leverage words—and influence—for good. I’ve personally found that taking the time to send handwritten notes goes a long way so I talked to Graham, and he is generously giving away 2 premier bundles and will ship them within the US. Fill out this form for a chance to win! 

Workfrom, founded by CEO Darren Buckner, is a community-driven platform to usher in the modern age of remote and independent work. Millions of people regularly work from home in 2019, but locating the perfect place for productivity close by can still be a challenge. 

The team tackled this pain point head-on by crowdsourcing the information people needed to know to feel confident and focused, wherever they and their laptop land. With over 100,000 members and counting, the GPS-enabled platform lets people like you and me find the best places to work in a breeze, simply by entering a zip code.



Each month, StartupGrind hosts fireside chat and panel events across 500 chapters around the world. 

This July, the Boston team is hosting a summer party to celebrate members, sponsors and partners and announce the schedule of upcoming events. Any entrepreneur interested in joining the StartupGrind community is welcome to attend.

Location: Night Shift Owl’s Nest, Esplanade, Boston, MA 02116

Time: July 11 at 6pm EST

RSVP here!


“Act As If.”

At some point, we all face imposter syndrome. When I was at the Forbes U30 conference for the first time in Fall 2017, I left feeling very “down” because I didn’t know if I measured up to the rest of the pack. I called my mentor Jason Belzer afterward, and he told me to “Act As If” because people are too consumed with their own issues to worry about you.

Fun Fact: Actually, the last time I faced imposter syndrome was a year and a half ago at the Impractical Jokers event in Washington D.C at the Gaylord Hotel meeting Sal, James and Joe. Most people don’t know this, but I love goofing around with people, despite how serious I am sometimes.

P.S. Please don’t ask my good friend Jordan Fox about my shenanigans, or they might try to add a new crew member.

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