Do You Prefer to Grow?


Think back over the past few months:

How has your mind wandered? 

What has come up for you? 

Are you thinking about things differently now than you were before?

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of hard thinking. This pandemic has also forced me to plan thoughtfully and extensively to move BW Missions forward. Usually, I just plan for the next quarter, but this crisis has forced me to lay out plans for the next year and a half …

  • Financials
  • Growth
  • Organizational Planning

… and everything else that provides structure and enables a sustainable operation. I wouldn’t call this process fun, per se, but It’s been surprisingly exciting. 

As we get closer to the end of the tunnel (or maybe we are just a quarter of the way through it), it gives us the ability to catch a glimpse of what’s down the road. It’s the closest we’ve come to a renewed sense of clarity since this crisis began.

At every turn, I’ve had to pick a path. It feels like every decision has a similar theme, for everything from clients to content: Do we want to go wide or deep, and why?

Going wide might add more revenue to the balance sheet, but at what cost? Are all the unnecessary headaches going to be worth it? The drawback I know this would cause for sure is impinging our ability to foster deep relationships with our clients. Going wide would make it nearly impossible to give each one of them everything we have as a team.

This planning stage has been long and arduous, but I’ve already gained a better sense of direction. We’re going deep. We’ve officially decided to cap the number of clients we work with at a given time. Our team will always bring the most manpower we have at our disposal to make these missions possible. 

No matter what the numbers might say, I never want to lose the personal touch we give to each client relationship. We will always be a premium service that crafts pathways that empower our clients to stand out.

Now, I’m posing this same question to you:

In which are areas of your life have you picked quality over quantity, and why? When did it make sense to go deep, and how has that choice made a difference? 

Newsletter 32 Featured Mission: Brandon Green

Usually, these bios start with an impressive degree from a big name university. Not for Brandon Green. He’s always broken the mold. Born in Wyoming and raised in Iowa, Brandon embarked on a 2-year international tour with Up With People before finding a home in DC. He immediately landed a job in sales, then transitioned to real estate, co-founding the Keller Williams Capital Properties in 2006. In just over a decade, Brandon and his partners have built out a regional network of 8 offices and $2 billion in annual revenue.

Brandon’s leadership is informed by his international perspective and love for people combined with his formative business years growing a company during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. The years that followed the crisis were challenged by disruption as technology driven, venture capital back competitors entered the market.

Beyond Keller Williams, Brandon has launched several other small businesses and become an award winning entrepreneur. He’s also a nationally recognized speaker, and a true expert on balancing success and purpose and leading with passion and practicality.

What impresses me the most about Brandon is his recent work with small business owners, helping them ensure their financials are in shape. He believes small business in America will see a huge makeover, and he’s providing a helping hand to those in need.

Growth: Newsletter 32

Step In To Stand Out

How do you walk away from something that you’ve invested years of your life and poured so much of yourself into? For me, it came down to one thing. I wanted to be fully in control of my own life – not let others decide my own finish line. Read this article to learn My 5 Steps to Standing Out Fully.

podcast header.png

One Lay Off Away from Coaching CEOs

“What are you great at?” This is the key question Mark Green uses to set his clients on a path to success. As a business and leadership growth coach, he reshapes the power and potential of CEOs and executive teams worldwide. Beyond his core role, he also excels as speaker, strategic advisor, and author.

One Empty Bank Account Away from Becoming the Ultimate Entrepreneur

Founder and CEO of the Abraham Group, Jay Abraham’s influence on the world of marketing consultants is unmatched. He’s globally renowned as a proven business leader, and is also one of the top marketing coaches in the US. On a more personal level, he’s also been a life-changing mentor to me. His advice throughout the years has helped light the way to my true path, and keep my focus on what really matters.

Opportunities: Newsletter 32

Retail’s Latest Big Bet:

In his recent Medium post, Jeremy Cai, founder and CEO of Italic, laid out his vision for the future of the brand. He described the pivot as “the most ambitious endeavor in modern retail.” The invite-only membership, Italic Black, will launch this July and give consumers access to high-quality products across multiple categories at cost — on average, 64% less than DTC prices. Cai’s giving early access to BW readers, so if you’re interested in joining, shoot him an email at jeremy@italic.com with “BW” in the subject line.

PS- Thanks to my good friend Derek Tu for sharing this- he works with Jeremy.


Chris Michael Harris Book Club: Mentor and entrepreneur Chirs Michael Harris, has built a pretty impressive business model helping entrepreneurs read through distilled content on best selling books to help you navigate the journey. 

Flywheels and how to create content Communities

Everyday, we see investors and entrepreneurs set out to create the latest, greatest online community. What’s the key differentiator to catalyze rapid organic growth? Find out in this recent article by Silicon Valley-based writer Andy Johns.

Chloe Belangia’s Passage Pod

Chloe Belangia, one of our very first featured missions and the branding genius who’s been by my side since day one, has an incredible new weekly podcast called Passages: A Podcast for Young Professionals. This series is your new key to unlocking life and work from the ground up.


Mental Performance For College Students & Young Professionals:
You’re invited to join BW Missions for a virtual event with Neal Bowes on mental performance, process, and decision making for young professionals. Neal has guided me through my life the past 10 years and really helped me put in process behind life’s most foundational buckets [health, work, finances, relationships, etc].

He also happens to work with some of the best global athletes in the world, including some in the Premier League. Now he’s giving up his time to help you too. 

If interested, register here and we’ll send you more information very soon. 

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Teddy Roosevelt

Have you ever met someone who thinks they have it all together,  but doesn’t have compassion or care for others? I think caring about people first and foremost is one of the best qualities you can have: actually listening, and actually trying to help. Recently, in conversations, I’ve learned to hold back without projecting my view onto others, just so they feel heard.

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