The High Cost of Small Mistakes

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My favorite question people ask me when working is the following, “Why do you have a posted note pasted on the top of your monitor that says “DOUBLE CHECK”? 

Well, I have many stories. 

The first one [a big one] that comes to mind is when I sent an email to 1,000+ people that was a). wrong and b). wasn’t approved. In order to hit a deadline when working out of college at Kairos, I sent a piece of communication that literally derailed me and the community it was sent to. It left me feeling terrible. I’ll never forget the chain reaction of events that ensued just by sending the wrong email.

The second story represents a series of repeated small mistakes where I learned to “fall on my own sword” a lot. And that didn’t feel great either. When working with Allen Gannett on The Creative Curve book launch, I just couldn’t keep up.

First, my systems weren’t working at a high standard, so I was very “reactive” and I had to create systems and processes to mitigate this period and put in measures so I didn’t keep messing up.

I could never catch up to becoming proactive because the mistakes kept trickling, and the snowball effect left me in a bigger and bigger mess.

After enough stupid mistakes, Allen thought it’d be a good idea if I put the sticker on my computer. So I did.

Each small mistake cost a lot. It represented a lack of care, context, and attention for detail. 

For instance, the correct photo can make all the difference in this anecdote. Big cost, small mistake.

What I learned through these small mistakes was that it wasn’t about messing up 1 time,  but it was about ensuring I didn’t mess up multiple times on the same mistake, and that I learned from each one.

Leah Walsh

Two months ago, Leah Walsh, our Head of Marketing and PR,  began her full time job. Leah had been a staple for our team since September 2019, helping us with graphic design, content writing, PR strategy, and marketing operations. She graduated from the Newhouse School, Syracuse University in May, and is a great long term fit for where we are going as a business.

Leah Walsh has made quite the statement with her strong work ethic, ability to synthesize the world in a beautiful way, and apply her grit and scrappiness to always add value.

In just two months, she has taken all Marketing Operations off my hands. She’s been running:

  • All things content
  • Website
  • Posting
  • Branding
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • PR

All while leading our marketing specialists in different areas. Oh, and her investment of a desk-sized shuffleboard for healthy, in between client call competition.

Simply, she’s a force to be reckoned with (she wins every shuffle), and I have enjoyed watching how quickly she’s impacted our team. 

To think we would support a team of 3 full-time young professionals after 1.5+ years of launching this business is hard to fathom. This journey hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been fulfilling.

Excited for what the future holds.




1. Why Every Brand Needs PR:

When you buy a product or service, what are you really purchasing? A product, or its value?

PR adds value. A value with explicit and implicit ties to generating new leads, new referrals, new networks, and new opportunities.

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2. Revolutionize Your Path: 5-to-10-Year Plan: 

What do you think separates the people who end up feeling trapped and do nothing about it versus the people who realize they are trapped and get resourceful and find a different way? 

The best 5-year plans are flexible enough to grow with you, but you shouldn’t be throwing the whole thing out the window each year. Build in the right balance for modification while still leveraging its core purpose: keeping you grounded, motivated, aligned, and on track.

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Fun story: I met Amanda on a train, interrupted her and her wife, and she looked at me like, “who is this kid?” and has been incredible helping us with our financial planning ever since. Amanda Joglia, Co-Founder & CEO at PrimeAlpha and former CFO at Tory Burch,  is looking to hire a marketing guru who will help across the firm. PrimeAlpha is a leading technology platform for connecting alternative asset managers and allocators. The role will encompass inbound and outbound marketing, social media, content management, and project management. The person needs to be comfortable using excel, marketing and sales software, and PowerPoint, and must have attention to detail, an aesthetic eye, and great communication skills internally and externally.

Katelin Kennedy – Our incredible startup lawyer who has been with us at every step of the way, and fitting to this article, a devil in the details katelin@brevitylegal.com. She makes things so simple and efficient, and is so easy to work with. Throughout COVID-19, Katelin has helped BW Missions stay abreast of opportunities for startups and small businesses, making sure that in the toughest of times, we feel secure and in good hands.

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“The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake — you can’t learn anything by being perfect.”

Adam Osborne

Mistakes are inevitable, and if recognized and learned from, can lead to a powerful transformation in your day to day personal and work-life habits. Make it count. Not cost.

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