Retrospect: Where a Trip Down Memory Lane Can Lead


This weekend, my iPhone 7 was acting up. I had used 121 of 128 GB’s of available storage, which was draining my battery — fast. 

Part of me wanted to jump in my car and drive to the closest Apple store to buy a brand new one, but I held off and took the financially responsible (if tedious) approach of deleting unnecessary content to free up storage space.

You know those moments when you look at pictures from a previous life chapter and can’t even remember the most basic details about what you did that day… but the emotional state you were in comes flooding back to you instantly?

For me, those pictures represent an acutely specific set of feelings:

Goosebumps from carrying a girl with muscular dystrophy across the finish line on the whole section of the Georgia Appalachian Trail.

Embarrassment from calling home sharing a life plan when I really had no idea of any plan.

Euphoria from the successful weekend event I helped plan at the top of the World Trade Center overlooking all of Manhattan convening incredible entrepreneurial minds.

Panic at the prospect of moving into an apartment fully on my own for the first time.

Peacefulness from the beautiful moments I shared on mountain peaks with my girlfriend, when I could simply be- present, still, and fully immersed in the moment.

Accomplishment from the success of the book launch achieved with Allen Gannett, which catapulted a great first year in business.

Gratification from rebuilding the most important relationships in my life – the ones with my family – the people who had always been there when the ball didn’t bounce my way.

TL;DR: I went to Georgia to find myself.

I came back home to Virginia to become a man. 

Moral of the story: Clean your phone!

Tim Macrinowski: Newsletter 5 Featured Mission

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I’ve noticed a correlation between engineering and musical talent; it seems to be something about how the brain works. This dual skill set couldn’t be more true than it is for Tim Marcinowski, Founder and CEO of YetiCloud, a cloud remediation platform that supports enterprise IT functionality through automation and a data-driven approach. 

IT breakdowns are most likely to happen when businesses reach a certain scale.  YetiCloud breaks down this seemingly inevitable barrier to growth by coming through with high-level solutions built on cutting-edge technology.

Tim values community above everything and genuinely believes in serving others. Beyond being an entrepreneur, he’s a veteran of the US Navy and current musician. Knowledge sharing comes naturally to Tim, who freely offers keen insights into data, coding, and emerging trends in tech.

Growth: Newsletter 5

Mark Manson’s 5 Skills to Help You Develop Emotional Intelligence

In retrospect, emotional intelligence and self-awareness are two of the most critical building blocks I’ve used to build really genuine relationships and ask the right questions.

These “soft skills” have helped me in both business and my personal life. While perusing Mark Manson’s site recently, I came across this article, which does an outstanding job of sharing actionable ways to establish authentic connections with others. 

The key takeaway? Start by trying to understand their emotions. You’d be surprised, but asking questions and really listening — carefully and patiently — goes a long way to develop a keen awareness of both yourself and others.

Opportunities: Newsletter 5


Max Elster is the co-founder of an emerging tech company with a new product that brings content creators and listeners together through the power of audio. (Vision: To build an audio based social network).

Amplivoice makes it effortless to record and share short-form audio content (Audio Tweets) on Amazon Alexa and a personal voice feed. It offers an unprecedented way to authentically reach your audience while they sit at the breakfast table. 

As they go into beta, the team is looking for testers who can offer honest feedback and constructive criticism to help optimize the product from the user perspective. 


Kevin Petrovic, former YC Founder, is now the founder of CustomSpace and one of those guys who has a knack for business.

His dynamic LA-based company is hiring a digital marketing manager to oversee all national customer acquisition efforts. If you or someone you know is equipped to build a diversified set of marketing channels, reach out to me and I’ll introduce you.



Lately, I’ve been hooked on my friend Case’s awesome podcast about building the life you want. Every week on Mondays and Thursdays, he packs bite-sized realness into every episode that helps his audience expand their perspective and forge a path towards their very best and happiest life. Case is raw, focused, and I guess a tad funny. Tune in for a fresh new dose of inspiration to hone in on what makes you unique.



Mark Metry, one of those guys who values putting in hard work early in his career and Host of Humans 2.0, recently spoke with Mark Manson, who wrote The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*&*. This book has truly helped shape my formative years – on relationships, building and sticking to a path, and more. Check out the podcast here!

Make an investment in yourself by expanding and fine-tuning your leadership skills at the Co-Active Leadership Experience, an upcoming three-day workshop from Friday, July 26th to  Sunday, July 28th at the DoubleTree Crystal City.

Hosted by the Co-Active Training Institute, this course counts for 11.75 Core Competencies and 7 Resource Development credits (ICF CCE units).

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During this crash-course in all  5 dimensions of the Co-Active Leadership Model, participants will dive headfirst into immersive, experiential group learning to discover best practices and agile, impactful communication.

Register here to secure  your tickets! There are only 400 spots open for the Summit, with early bird pricing for a limited time only.

Success is not for the chosen few, but for the few that choose it.”

Paul Tobey

Full disclosure: Don’t tell my professor, but this quote is the only thing I remember from my Accounting II course at The University of Georgia (besides the first two tests I bombed). Frankly, debits and credits were not my thing… but this quote always stuck with me.

I firmly believe that we choose our own path and can break through any barrier on our own terms.

The Pathfinder
Catherine Kushan

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