Life is About the People who Help You Value What’s Truly Important to You


Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you look at your phone and see it’s your best friend calling… but instead of picking up, you wait until it stops ringing so they don’t think you’re ignoring them?

When the ringing stops, have you ever felt the guilt ease up slightly as you breathe a massive sigh of relief when they don’t call back- because it means you just avoided getting 15 minutes more behind? 

Maybe it’s just me … but if it isn’t, my story might resonate with you.

I’ve always received satisfaction out of getting a job done – and done well. I’ve learned how to use my tendency towards tunnel vision as a strength by putting it in conjunction with a well-honed worth ethic, penchant for talent development, and rapid speed at high rates of productivity.
The downside? Too much focus comes at a price.
For many entrepreneurs like me, this price tag often takes the form of strain on our closest and most treasured personal relationships. 
What’s the point of getting all the way to the top if you have no one to celebrate with?
Typically the personal relationships propel us forward when the struggle hits. For me, one of those people has been my girlfriend, Elizabeth. At every “down” moment she’s been there to cheer me up, help me through it, and support me.
I’ve often thought about the intersection between entrepreneurship and relationships. Is it possible to try to be with someone equally ambitious and still make a major dent in the world? (This is assuming you’re not Tom Brady and Gisele) … More on Mr. Brady below 🤔👇
With respect to power couples, as I’ve seen it done successfully, I am biased towards having a partner who really values me for who I am, helps me focus on what’s important in life (family/close friends + my dreams), and allows me to separate and have fun.

Curious about what it’s like from the other side? You’re in luck:  I filmed a video with Elizabeth describing what it’s like to date me. You’d be surprised by what her answer has to do with … “Bubbles”

Marshall Mosher: Newsletter 6 Featured Mission

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 6.21.38 PM.png

Marshall Mosher is the Founder and CEO of Vestigo, which creates performance enhancing experiences that train corporate teams to embrace innovation and navigate change in the outdoors. 

If you asked me to name someone with *massive* heart, his name would instantly come to mind. He has been fearlessly pursuing this mission with an unmatched level of intense focus for the past four years. 

Marshall lives every single day of his life outside his comfort zone. Using nature as his central platform, he’s built stronger cultures for teams everywhere from Chick-Fil-A, COX and Home Depot to TechStars and Bennett Thrasher.


How to Launch a Brand Ambassador Program
(That Generates $200,000+ Annually!)

Over the past six years, I’ve pushed myself into growth environments both personally and professionally. When I brainstormed ways to make an impact early on in my career, I realized I could carve out my own niche by using other brands as platforms.

This transpired into building a brand ambassador program for the ATL Hawks on 8 campuses my senior year of college generating $80k in revenue in its’ first year. This recent article shares exactly how we did it which I wrote on my blog (thanks to many ATL Hawks Executives)!


VC-backed Founder and emotionally intelligent hustler (not to mention my good friend!) Deepak Chughani is hiring a product manager for his company Nuvocargo. The team is taking on the impressive challenge of reinventing the dusty $2 trillion dollar freight forwarding industry. This groundbreaking business leverages technology to help companies move cargo more efficiently between North and South America, starting with Mexico <-> US cross-border trucking. 

New media company Morning Brew is staffing up!
Open roles range from marketing, content, and brand partnership roles to enable them to keep their espresso machines on to keep cranking out great reading. 

Nir Eyal is recruiting new members to join his book launch team!
If you believe technology isn’t problem and distraction starts from within, then Nir’s upcoming book is right up your alley. He’s currently building a Facebook launch team to help get the word out.

If you’re willing to share innovative takeaways that could generate fruitful conversations about newly released books on social media, the Indistractable launch community is for you. Join here

YetiCloud is hiring an expert sales development rep to fill an immediate opening on their team. Have you been waiting for an exciting opportunity to roll up your sleeves, build relationships, and help people build seamless cloud infrastructure solutions?

If you or a member of your network fits the bill, then check out this link for more details


The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance:

I spent last week in the Big Apple with a very influential figure in Tom Brady’s latest book. He gave me a copy [no, this Amazon link is not an affiliate – promise!] and I’ve almost read it cover to cover. It’s really good – Office shot featured below👇

Monetizing A Digital Audience: 

I’m fascinated with digital community building. This is an incredibly rich and thought-provoking article sharing actionable strategies to build a business around what you care about.

Writing Great Copy: 

The way we convey who we are directly impacts how other people think about us. Consciously committing to being thoughtful in our writing can make a positive impression.

Writing scam-filled content promoting a misleading and ineffective “get rich quick” scheme negatively affects your brand in the minds of your readers. Short term clicks, likes, and shares does not help in the long term.

Use these thoughtful tips and tricks to differentiate yourself and express what you truly intend to in your writing


Pencil Us in on Your Spring 2020 Calendar 📅

BW Missions is aiming to host an event in Q1 2020. Here’s the catch – we recently asked ourselves … “How do we make the business conference experience novel, yet familiar?”

Directed by mission-driven CEO’s and Authors, we will rotate them up to the stage to riff on a topic within their work, leave room for questions, and generate a fully immersive and interdisciplinary experience engaging everyone present.

Think of this as a creative performance by thought leaders to an intentionally selected audience. We’re not stuck on any sort of rigid concept of what this event will entail, but just in the beginning stages.

Want to help us prototype this idea? Fill out this form and we’ll contact you in October as the pieces fall into place and give you a FREE event ticket for helping us make it happen.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 6.27.27 PM.png

This is a painting my friend Raman painted for Elizabeth a couple years ago. He drew inspiration from a hike we took. Material possessions are great, however, collecting the latest Louis Vuitton and Rolex will never fill an emptiness inside of you if what you’re truly yearning for is a real depth of meaning and connection.

So many people I’ve met have inspired me so profoundly, just by the way they live their life, that I know the indelible mark they made on my life will never go away. These moments form the connective tissue that keeps the heart of critical relationships beating for the long haul. I think my buddy Marshall would agree too.

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