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It feels like years ago at this point, but I just met Lawline CEO David Schnurman last November. I was interviewing him at his NYC Headquarters when he paused to ask me this probing question that really made me think:
“Bryan, are you trying to run a one-man consulting shop or build a real business?” 
I had never given much thought to this really important question because short-term, I’d only envisioned this being just “me.” My search to find the answer helped me finally start thinking about BW Missions from a long-term perspective.
My biggest fear about growth was scaling. What I wanted the most was to succeed on every contract and make everyone feel highly prioritized. I felt afraid of failing on a clients’ behalf, and consumed by guilt at the prospect of underperforming as I helped them pursue their dreams.
(Side Note: as we have grown, I’ve learned it’s easier at scale to do a quality job, because the team is more specialized and people are putting their attention where they can excel with their skillsets.)
After I had time to internalize my thoughts, David’s question sparked a breakthrough. I found my answer: becoming exceptionally good at one thing first.
Most importantly, this question completely Fast Forwarded how I thought about building a business and making an impact. 
And that is exactly what we have done — with the help of an incredible support system.

BW Missions by the Numbers, Just 12 Short Months in:

  • Brought on two talented full-time individuals to our team
  • Engaged 10+ subcontractors
  • Ignited 31 unique Missions for a dynamic group of clients
  • Sent 55 total proposals and maintained an 80% renewal rate after our initial term
  • Grew audience engagement to 478,254+ LinkedIn views
  • Released 10 newsletters
  • Thousands of follow up texts and emails
  • Launching a podcast in October called “One Away”
  • Moved operations into a brick-and-mortar office at the Industrious HQ in Tysons Corner, VA
  • Grew to 6-figures in revenue within the first 9 months

Writing all this down gives me goosebumps. I attribute this to the people who have believed and invested in me, both personally and professionally and a great team.  In the article below, I share the lessons, strict processes, and how to’s behind the numbers. I believe it’s a helpful read for anyone in the first five years of their business.

NextGen Founders Justin Lafazan & Dylan Gambardella: Newsletter 8 Featured Missions

Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella, Founders of Next Gen Community, have both changed the trajectory of my life as they have connected me to incredible people and given me a platform to speak. These guys are what I call true “mensch’s”- people with real integrity and honor I deeply respect.

Right now, they’re successfully building out a B2B event model helping brands engage the next generation by creating effective marketing channels for them. If you know a young Founder searching for a community where they belong, or a brand looking to be influenced by a strong community of bright minds, Next Gen can truly make things happen.

GROWTH: Newsletter 8


I’ve carefully distilled down the most valuable insights I’ve gained from notable people I’ve crossed paths with over the past six years. Based on my key takeaways that have stuck with me, I wrote this article to highlight and archive what makes them so special.

I aggregated every grain of wisdom I could to make this piece as valuable as possible for readers like you on topics such as marketing, coaching, brand-building, content development, leadership, and more. I want you to learn the lessons I have from these people so you can apply the value from their skillsets to your own life. 

Think of it as a professional tool belt and how much further you would go with these skills in your back pocket.


STORD Career Opportunities:
I met Sean Henry 3 years ago at an event in Atlanta. He was playing around with a B2C storage idea. This eventually turned into a big B2B software play, that has many customers, raised a Series A, and has a billion-dollar acquisition in front of them. They’re hiring right now. Full disclosure: I would personally love to work for Sean if I ever hit tough times!

Giveaway! Marketing Masterclass with Jeff Gadway:

Jeff Gadway, Co-Founder of Galvanize Worldwide, and former Director of Product Marketing for BlackBerry, is hosting a Marketing Masterclass to teach founders and entrepreneurs new marketing capabilities and help them hone key skills.

This course includes lessons on topics like these:

-Building a brand architecture

-Developing a messaging matrix

-Establishing a video marketing strategy

Share your email and we’ll add you to the Marketing Masterclass playbook. The best part? It’s absolutely free!        
Startup Hiring Marketing and Community Talent:

A company I know is looking for new teammates to join their team in a marketing and a community role. This job requires organizational prowess, content marketing chops, event execution abilities, and strong communication. Email me at bryan@bryanwish.com if interested!

RESOURCES: Newsletter 8

The Book I’m Drinking From a Firehorse: Thirst
I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of a non-profit model to work in parallel with BW Missions in a few years. While I won’t spoil the details, it’s a mission that personally matters a lot to me. 

Givebutter Founder and CEO, Max Friedman recommended this book, and it has been a behind the scenes look at building a non-profit. If you don’t get chills turning the pages, I don’t know if you are truly human. 
A Headstart On The Future of Content: Audio Branding
Have you considered launching an audio brand? It’s not a bad idea; consumption is increasingly moving from the eyes to the ear. 

I highly recommend checking out this article
From 100k to 1.5M Subscribers: How An Email Referral Program Skyrocketed

Tyler Denk shared his best learnings, tips, and tricks building an email referral program driving hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Tyler works in a role that’s best described as a hybrid of engineering, product, and growth and has combined all those skillsets with a strong writing piece to help people grow their email list.

EVENTS: Newsletter 8

Nir Eyal is teaming up with Arianna Huffington to do a Q&A at his launch event on September 10 from 6:00-8:30 PM to celebrate the release of his new book, Indistractable. As of last night, there were only 27 tickets left.

This is a great read for those looking to make healthy personal behavior changes. I hope to see you there at the event in NYC at Betaworks Studios on Sept. 10!

P.S. and more importantly, grab your copy today.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

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