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Have you ever tried to figure out your entire life within a one-hour period? A few years ago, that was me.

Sitting in the room with behavioral psychologist, Dr. Neal Bowes, who specializes in human performance, my mind was racing – I had no process or structure to put together my personal or professional life around the goals I had for myself.

Sound familiar? Or does the thought of trying to plan that sound intimidating?

This kind of puzzle isn’t the kind you solve in one session, or one week, or even one year, and there’s never a one-off bulletproof strategy for how to make it all work.

Right in the middle of the process of trying to figure out the professional side of my life,  it all seemed to click in a sudden moment, one that has led me down the path I am on today.

I was sharing with Neal how I was agonizing internally about not finishing what I started for the platform I launched right out of college. I saw a future for it, but I realized I needed to learn the building blocks first.

Thinking it through deeply, I realized how it would all come together. Once I establish a brand around myself, I can help others around me further their own visions. I know there’s no expiration date on a personal dream. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying the process of learning how to build a successful business with a great team around people pursuing missions that align with making the world a better place. 

And so it began, and the process of building BW Missions was born, with a very long term vision in sight. 

But here’s what I do think: I’ve been trying to figure out this whole purpose/passion thing for the past 8 years (over 25% of my life). I truly think it’s okay not to have it all figured out. I promise I still don’t; although what I have right now is an adaptable roadmap I trust.

The most important step is to plan for the long term, and break down that strategy into actionable weekly, monthly, and quarterly segments. Kind of like building a business, but for your own life. I use this tool as a framework for my own planning.

JILLIAN RICHARDSON: Newsletter 9 Featured Mission

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 5.58.05 PM.png

Jillian is one of the rare people I know who has committed her life to helping others find where they belong and feel at home. She has carved out a unique voice to help share what matters most, and then created a community of people around that spark of inspiration who share a similar vision and care about what each other has to say.

Talk about intentional, thoughtful, and self-determined — Jillian proudly bares the battle scars of her past by turning them into sources of strength and inspiration that have helped her become the force of nature she is today. I couldn’t be prouder to  watch her on her path.

When she’s not busy writing newsletters for the Joy List to make NYC less lonely, curating event special events for people looking to find a place to belong in their city, or speaking at conferences in Palo Alto, she spends her time authoring books. Her latest work is called Unlonely Planet. I highly recommend you connect with Jillian.

Growth: Newsletter 9

How to Transition A Nontraditional Background into A Professional Business Role

A lot of innovative companies love to hire smart and educated people. However, sometimes graduate students don’t always know how to show their skills are appealing to the companies that want to hire them.

My friend, wrote this article to help students stand out when applying for jobs. It’s her how-to Resume guide. I think this could be a great tool for companies to backlink on their websites to give smart candidates the best shot at getting hired. Or, send to a self-determined friend who is not ready to carve their own path.

Side note: this is even relevant for undergraduate students out of college.

When writing the resume, even if you ask 100 different people for advice, you’ll probably end up with 50 conflicting answers. Ultimately, a resume is a reflection of yourself, and only you can make it accurate.

A challenge for anyone, this is especially hard to do for people who come from a non-business background. This article breaks down this overwhelming process and attempts to make your life a little easier with some practical and easy tips.

Opportunities: Newsletter 9

Digital and Street Hustling Talent Available – Candidate Noah Levy 

Noah Levy, a recent American University grad launching who launched a promising startup, is a true digital hustler. Ever since he grabbed my attention on LinkedIn in 2017,  I’ve watched him grow from a promising college student into a fully equipped and workforce-ready candidate.

Here are just a few of his skill sets. 

  • Growth marketing
  • Business development
  • Sales
  • Content creation

BonusA relentless nature to find anyone and make them speak to you.

Luckily for entrepreneurs or small companies who need a workhorse at the 3 guard position, Noah is currently available for remote, part-time opportunities to augment his portfolio as he turns his dream into a reality on the side.

Lunchbox is Booking F/W Marketing Engagements

Tom Worcester,  Founder of Lunchbox, is opening up his fall and winter calendar for marketing bookings for similar e-commerce brands. His style of viral, authentic storytelling has driven over $250K in sales for lunchbox in 5 months (avg. Paid Spend ROAS > 4).

Now that the offseason for his summer-focused products is here, Tom is available to produce high-quality lifestyle photoshoots and video content to help scale brands. Previous clients in his portfolio include the likes of Weatherman Umbrella ($5M sales, 24 months). Send him an inquiry via email at tom@itsmylunchbox.com or check out his living case study online at Lunchbox.

Part-Time Executive Assistant Position with Caroline Pugh

Caroline Pugh works with the founders of the leading technology companies globally on highly classified and groundbreaking projects. She’s currently recruiting a part-time executive assistant for 10 hours a week. Working with Caroline would be a great feather to put in your cap.

Fill out this form today to connect with Caroline.

SEO Writing with Haley Hoffman Smith, Author of Her Big Idea

Thrive Global Contributor, Haley Hoffman Smith has an unmatched knack for SEO copywriting. She is trying to support her Speaking and Writing Dreams and has found success in digital media and publication through experience working around an SEO framework.

I fully expect her to be sharing the stage with female powerhouses like Oprah and Sheryl Sandberg ten years from now. Until then, if you need help in this area, Haley is someone to work with!


Build Unshakeable Communities by Strengthening Relationships

My close friend Katya writes a lot about both of these topics: relationships and communities. She’s an authentic soul, positive light, and someone I really respect.  Check out her latest work about creating better human connections and having meaningful conversations that go beyond the surface level we’ve all gotten so accustomed to settling for. 

A Human-Centric Podcast with Chris Harris

When I first graduated from UGA, Chris Harris, offered me office space for free. He was one of those mentor figures who always pushed me a little further and wouldn’t let me settle. I watched him build a 7-figure business overnight and then lose it all, yet he is the face of resilience.

Chris has dedicated the past couple years of his own life to helping other entrepreneurs focus on their health first and implement scaling processes second. Listen to his insightful interviews with high-level executives authors on his Entrepreneur Hour Podcast.


What’s More Important: The Health of Your Business or Your Body?

I realize people’s relationship with food is a touchy subject. However, looking out for your health and putting it first to be a successful CEO / professional should be highly prioritized.

Since December, I’ve been doing internmittent fasting and cut out a lot of the unnecessary sugars/fats/breads in my diet along with 4-5x workouts a week. I have developed my system scrounging through this podcast, which I’d highly recommend – Burn It Nutrition with show host Joseph Navarro.


Three years ago, I heard Michael Phelps speak about making his Olympic Comeback.
You know when you listen to someone and get goosebumps, that was that feeling for me. He shared the relentless dedication he put into his comeback to win more Olympic medals.

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 6.01.54 PM.png

The dedication he put into his comeback was astounding. He eventually shared the quote below that really resonated.

“What you do in the dark shines in the light.”

I’ve often found this to be so true. You know the people who talk about doing great things, but never execute. I’ve learned it’s just better to execute and let people do the talking for you. Branding isn’t all about what you share yourself, but oftentimes what other people share about you.

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