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Just kidding. Only for a few weeks.

What do you think about downtime?

I was speaking to someone close in my life recently, and they said to me, “I try to say ‘yes’ to everything now. I said ‘no’ to a lot of things during my career and now am making up for it on the backend.” 

That struck me. No regrets. Just their path. 

As I’ve been reflecting on this past year, healthier than I’ve ever been, with my best personal relationships I’ve ever had, and a business that has grown by 211% since January making 3 more full-time hires, I feel like we’re right where we need to be. Through building-out and cementing our service products, and positioning ourselves to pivot to a tech enabled platform, there now seems to be little downtime before an inevitable push… 

Time for a break. 

I write this in Asheville with my business partner Carson before I head away to New Mexico to spend with my personal partner – fully offline in the high desert. And then off to Boise, ID to visit a client.

I’m nervous but extremely excited to go away and really shut off. The nerves come from the fact I’ve never really given myself time like this before – not in the past 2.5 years. Because what if I miss an opportunity? What if I miss out on a conversation? What if I can’t respond to a client quickly, or I miss out on an idea that doesn’t percolate? A relationship I didn’t make?

At the same time, why build a dream if it doesn’t allow you to focus on what’s really important? A meaningful personal life. While we all pick our priorities, what’s important to me is also building a really strong sense of personal community and relationships, and giving those time to nurture so the business can help bear the personal fruits I’ve identified important to me.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in the next “rung” of what we need to do, without focusing on stopping, thinking, and enjoying the present moment. To be able to pursue the future is special, but I’m learning slowly it isn’t worth it if we are scattered in the present. 

As my dad said to me in college, hope you make some time to smell the roses, reflect, and be present with your emotions.

Today’s Featured Mission

In 1998 Mindy Diamond was working from her bedroom floor with nothing more than a pad, pen, and phone trying to recruit new business. That is how Diamond Consultants was born; becoming a “third child” that she nurtured and developed into one of the leading consulting and recruiting firms for financial advisors in the country.

Drawing from her entrepreneurial experiences, Diamond Consultants is a consulting and recruiting firm that employs a unique relationship-driven approach, helping financial advisors and organizations achieve their “Best Business Life.” That is, to best serve their clients and live a life that is in sync with their own beliefs and values.

Considered by the wealth management industry as one of the top thought-leaders, she is regularly quoted by national media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and CNBC, as well as industry publications including On Wall Street, Financial Advisor magazine, Investment News, and RIABiz. 

Recently, Mindy released an educational podcast series for financial advisorsconsidering the independent model. “Mindy Diamond on Independence” is available here, as well as iTunes, Google Podcasts and other media outlets.

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New Podcast Episodes

Sam Valme: One Series of Events Away from Building A Career

When I ask people about their One Away Moment, I often get the response, “but how can I choose just one?” 

For Sam Valme, a highly qualified, well-developed IT professional and entrepreneur with extensive systems analysis and project management expertise, sees his life as a series of small events. It’s only when you get out of those individual moments and look back where you realize every “yes” and every “no” points you in the right different direction.

And as it turns out, one “no” from Sam’s guidance counselor was his entryway into IT, computers, and technology.

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Brandon Green: One Email Away From Working with the Ultimate Coach

Feeling seen is a powerful experience. When it happens, it changes you forever. 

For Brandon Green, it wasn’t until he bought a last-minute ticket to Arizona to meet a renowned growth coach who charges $150,000 when he experienced it in a visceral, deep way. It was both a humbling and emotional experience for Brandon that changed his path forever.In this podcast episode, Brandon discusses how this one interaction placed him on a trajectory of growth, and how the power of coming into oneself changes everything.

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Rob Volpe: One Thai Chi Session Away from Unlocking Intuitionst

Being present has profound impacts on your life — and it can even unlock your intuition. For Rob Volpe, he’s based his entire career off of being present.

One day, in suburban Philly, Rob met Ardella, a woman who would lead him to start Ignite360, one of the leading consumer insights firms in the United States today. Ignite 360 has partnered with [2-3 BIG NAMES]  

Ardella was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, which led her to discover Tai Chi, also known as “meditation motion,” is a martial art that involves a series of small movements — pivots mainly — that turn your wrists’ direction every so often. 

It didn’t take long for Rob, somebody who was no stranger pivots, to understand the potential of Tai Chi. A chance in perspective can mean all the difference between spinnings your wheels and making progress toward your goals.

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Job Opportunity: Digital Marketing Specialist

Diamond Consultants, one of the nation’s leading financial advisor recruiting and consulting firms, is seeking an experienced and results-driven Social/Digital Media Manager to join their in-house marketing team in Morristown, NJ. The Social/Digital Media Manager is responsible for running the day-to-day organic social media content publishing

To learn more about this opportunity, click here!

Aimee Tariq: “How to Make Smart Bets in Business”

At the age of 23 Aimee Tariq became a no. 1 bestselling author for health optimization. It’s important to know what makes a smart bet and how to protect yourself from a worst-case scenario. In her article, “How to Make Smart Bets in Business,” it discusses how to make smart decisions through due-diligence: a testing of knowledge, and a thorough understanding of your market.

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Angela Kambouris: “8 Qualities of Great Leaders Who Get the Best Out of Their Teams” 

Angela’s article, “8 Qualities of Great Leaders Who Get the Best Out of Their Teams,” offers a lens to better communicate and align with your team during remote work in a more conscious, high-impact driven manner. Angela calls on all leaders to “dig deeper into their sense of courage, empathy, and trust,” and it has really helped our team to better consciously communicate amidst the adversity of remote work.

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How to be a Compelling Communicator in Your Content and Conversations:

On Nov 17 at 3pm ET, Ben Bradbury will discuss the power of the spoken word and how to become a compelling communicator in your content and conversations.

Ben is obsessed with empowering Founders to build powerful relationships through empathetic communication. He’s worked with public company CEOs, venture-backed startups and Amazon-bestselling book launches to create astute messages that connect with the audience’s hearts and heads.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn which different mediums are best suited to your specific goals
  • Identify which words effective communicators ban from their vocabulary 
  • The 3 word phrase that flips boring conversations to powerful connection

Sign up here!

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