The One Away Show – Monthly Recap, February 2022

Not only did the One Away Show release its 100th episode this February, but we were also able to host a lot of great guests and share their life-changing stories! I’d like to highlight these outstanding individuals and share what I took away from our conversations.

Episode 99: Liane Davy

Episode: One Dysfunctional Team Away From Facing Conflict Head-On

As soon as Liane and I got talking, I noticed this instant warmth about her that made our conversation so easy. Most of all, I really appreciate her story. It’s a testament to her work and the path that it’s led her down. Learning from her experiences with a dysfunctional team led to a lot of growth, and it resulted in her current career as a public speaker. One thing I found especially interesting was how she views conflict from the perspective of human evolution. It was an unexpected topic of discussion, but it highlights how Liane takes a holistic approach to conflict resolution. Conflict is hard to deal with, and we often don’t know how to do it. Liane doesn’t like conflict but demonstrates that we need to learn how to address it to function. Liane is a class act and so easy to follow, and I really enjoyed our conversation.

Website: https://www.lianedavey.com/


Read the book “The Good Fight”

Episode 100: Dorie Clark

Episode: One Bulletin Away From Reinvention

What I really enjoyed about talking to Dorie was how comfortable she was with herself. She showed up relaxed and ready to go, and our conversation felt so natural. What I noticed was how seeing a recruiter from Harvard Divinity School informed her as an executive coach and in all the roles she’s succeeded in during her career. It must have been exciting to explore that route and see where it took her. She’s done so many different things, but everything seems so interconnected and transferable. It’s clear, she’s gained her reputation for a reason. Dorie knows how to build those relationships that get her from one place to the next. Her way of bundling together experiences and expertise can really create a lot of momentum, and it’s amazing to see her help other people build that for themselves. I also love her persistence—she doesn’t back away from fear, and she pivots in ways that are aligned with her. I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from this interview.

Website: https://dorieclark.com/


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Episode 101: Joey Coleman 

Episode: One Decision Away From Going All In

I felt a connection with Joey right off the bat. It was evident to me that he was someone who I could talk to for hours. I found it fascinating how Joey’s decisions to jump to the next job were not based on dissatisfaction with his current position, but rather because he thought he’d enjoy the next thing even more. Joey’s parents encouraging him to research and build informed opinions from a young age affected his whole life’s trajectory, and it was really interesting to consider how the things a kid does that might drive parents crazy at 6 might make them successful at 36. Joey and I also align in our way of maintaining relationships through thoughtful communication. Joey has built real relationships by sending messages, gifts, and thank you notes—not because he’s trying to get something in return, but because he values the relationship. He’s someone I hope to emulate one day.

Website: https://joeycoleman.com/


Read the book “Never Lose a Customer Again”

Episode 102: Dan Pontefract

Episode: One Guidance Counselor Away from Helping Others

I’ve been fortunate enough to have many conversations with Dan recently, and I’ve been struck by his humility. I really respect the way that Dan never lets himself get in the way of his own progress. Whether or not he believes he is capable does not hold him back from trying anyway. Dan is always thinking strategically. Even if things seem to be running smoothly, he will identify problems and think outside of the box to create solutions first. It’s interesting to ponder how freedom and time to learn were key factors in Dan’s success and how they’ve influenced his ability to think critically. Dan leans into everything he learns. I really enjoyed this episode with him and I can’t wait to continue our dialogue.

Website: https://www.danpontefract.com/


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Episode 103: Mary Smith

Episode: One Tragedy Away From Healing Trauma

Mary was such an incredible guest. She opened up with a vulnerable story about a past relationship, and overall she really engaged with me as a host. This led to a really fulfilling conversation. One thing I took away from Mary was how undealt-with trauma can snowball in a person’s life, whether in the way it manifests in themselves, their interactions with others, or also across generations. It was also fascinating how people sharing their trauma helps facilitate conversation and help people not feel as alone, while stories of overcoming mental health challenges could also potentially give others hope. Mary’s passion for mental health has helped her overcome blockers in her career and help others as a therapist. She’s pursued her path with such forethought. Mary is an incredible person and I’ve always enjoyed learning from her.

Website: https://marysmithcounseling.com/


Episode 104: Ron Tite

Episode: One Laugh Away From Self Discovery

From a young age, Ron has always taken the initiative to carve his own path. It was amazing to learn how he’s built his career as an author, producer, and entrepreneur across multiple fields. It’s probably the way that Ron embraces his environment and uses every person, culture, and location he is in as an opportunity to learn that has led him to be so successful in multiple disciplines. I admire the way that obstacles are an afterthought in Ron’s life. They are present, however, Ron’s instincts immediately jump to problem solving and solutions. He is unique in the way that he is fearless and vulnerable no matter what arena he steps into. On top of this all, Ron’s sense of humor is the glue that holds it all together. Very few people achieve his level of success while remaining creatives at heart, but Ron has built multiple businesses and conquered many obstacles with his unique personality and skill set.

Website: https://rontite.com/


Read book “Think. Do. Say.”

Episode 105: Martin Perelmuter

Episode: One Resignation Away From Finding Fulfillment

The first time I met Martin, we had a profound conversation that covered so much ground. Martin has a really incredible story to tell. It was shocking how his decision to leave the legal field weighed on him until the point that he had to just cut the cord. Martin left his job without a plan, but he knew deep down that he had to do it because the signs were starting to manifest through the ways that he showed up in the world. I was inspired by Martin’s willingness to help others who have been in a similar situation (feeling trapped in their job and needing a change), but also his care to advise them instead of telling them what they “need” to do. Martin recognizes that his path worked for him but might not work for everybody. It was fascinating to learn how Martin’s parents were both Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Canada from Poland. Not only did this experience shape the way his parents raised him and their family environment, it also instilled in Martin the sense that he needed to be successful and make his family proud. Martin has such resilience and such a drive, and it’s been amazing to see him shine.

Website: https://www.speakers.ca/


Episode 106: Tiziana Casciaro

Episode: One Train Ride Away From Independence

I first heard about Tiziana through a social media post about her book. I went out and read the book, and I was so inspired by it that I decided to reach out to her. There are a few key takeaways I learned from and about Tiziana. The first is that independence is something you can learn. Tiziana may have had feelings of independence from a young age, but her journey required the same obstacles. The concept of power is one of the most important dynamics of the human experience—whether it shows up with positive or negative impacts. Tiziana’s teachings and studies do not shy away from human nature; rather, she embraces it to help others. Tiziana is always thinking creatively—there isn’t a problem she’s afraid to try and solve. It was so special getting to talk with Tiziana, and I hope you gain some insight from listening to her.


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