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When I moved to Washington D.C. almost 4 years ago, I was only supposed to be here for a few months. But, within a few months, I realized that I would be here for the foreseeable future. This realization meant I should do everything in my power to put a sturdy foundation together that would enable me to work for myself, on my own terms, where I could determine the fate of my own future. (Lo and behold here I am in D.C. to this day!)

A lot has changed since then, but the feelings of determination and resilience have never left. It’s the feelings that keep you going because they are so easy to elicit when going down memory lane.

2019 Thanksgiving: I was wrapping up my first full year in business with a team. I was experiencing a lot of personal loss, both in my family and in a close relationship. But, I could see a brighter future. Part of my life was coming together, and still, most of it couldn’t be seen fully. It was a time of a lot of behind the scenes. Through intuition, I could see the light in front even though it hadn’t fully shined yet. 

2020 Thanksgiving: This year was a bit different. Two different table conversations that went pretty much the same. There wasn’t much to complain about. I was grateful; for working hard for the freedom I envisioned, enjoyed a year where I was able to travel, I stayed healthy, I expanded my mind, I spent a lot of time with very special people personally and professionally with shared values, and I’m continuing to pile bricks onto a meaningful pursuit.

So, how about Thanksgiving of 2021? I do think some people, including myself, can be over-optimized at times thanks to the “Type A” planning mode. However, there is a silver lining to being a planner and seeing a vision of a future. When you learn how to get the things you want, in the areas of your life you care about, those experiences become learned and ingrained, and easier to repeat. I see 2021 as a better 2020, with learned lessons of making the most of what we have, giving a little more, taking a little less, and maybe a little more post-pandemic travel and a few more Netflix, Amazon Prime, and books in my tool belt to stay culturally relevant while building in the tunnel, and widening it a bit.

So What? Well, I think many people delay their gratification, their pursuit of what they really want, their vision, and what is really going to fulfill them until they feel they have enough money, time, or all the pieces to stack up perfectly. And for those that do have the money and time these days – the same goes here as well. The truth is there is never a perfect time to start pursuing what is going to allow you to step into your full self.”

Today’s Featured Mission

Kristen Hadeed is the founder of Student Maid, a successful cleaning company that has employed thousands of students over the last decade and that is known for building the next generation of leaders.

When Kristen started her journey, she had no idea what she was in for: The average turnover rate in the cleaning industry is 75%, and profit margins hover around just 15%. But even with the odds stacked against her, she built a company that blew the industry benchmarks out of the water. Her people love coming to work, they stick around for years, and some have even turned down dream jobs to join the executive team and build careers at Student Maid.

Kristen believes Student Maid’s success boils down to one thing and one thing only: creating a place with humanity at its core. A place where people feel accepted for who they are, where they are encouraged to fail and embrace their imperfections, and where they are empowered to reach their potential. Now she spends most of her time helping leaders and organizations around the world create similar environments for their people.

In 2017, she published her first book, Permission To Screw Up, in which she offers an unapologetic account of her biggest mistakes in leadership. She hopes that her vulnerability will give others the courage to open up about their own “perfectly imperfect” moments and proudly embrace them as the tremendous learning opportunities they are.

Kristen and Student Maid have been featured in news outlets including PBS, FOX, Inc., NBC, TIME, and Forbes. Her first TED Talk has more than three million views on YouTube.

In Case You Missed It

Transferable Skills Everyone Should Have

The key to creating limitless possibilities for yourself all lies within the relationships you build and the transferable knowledge you accumulate.

Professional relationships help open doors to opportunities, and transferable knowledge—skills like adaptability, organization, communication, critical thinking—will make you an irreplaceable asset.

What college should be teaching is how to map out your future, discover opportunities that will build upon your knowledge base, and create relationships that expand your network. These are the building blocks of professional success, and better yet, they’re transferable.

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You Are More Than Your Product

Your life experiences, personality, way of thinking, and outlook all come together to create a unique, recognizable brand that is you. 

It’s just as recognizable and marketable as Nike, Apple, or Coca-Cola.

But most CEOs, entrepreneurs, and authors overemphasize their product and let their personal brand fall to the wayside. Then, when it comes time to pivot, create a new project, or adapt to changing times, it’s nearly impossible because their main point of popularity is a fixed product.

That’s why it’s critical to build a brand that can evolve and stand the test of time. 

With a strong personal brand, you’ll be able to infuse your recognizable identity throughout your product promotion, creating a unified, overarching story.

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New Podcast Episodes

Mark Metry: One Realization of Social Anxiety from Becoming an Author

Mark Metry is a Forbes Featured TEDx keynote speaker on Amazon Prime’s Docuseries the Social Movement & podcast host interviewing Billionaires, New York Times Bestselling Authors and World-Class human beings on his Global Top 100 Humans 2.0 podcast.

But, his life didn’t always look this way…

Listen here!

Erica Amatori: One Generalist Upbringing Away from Finding a Place Where She Belongs

If there’s one person who has worked at the intersection of investing and marketing, it’s Erica Amatori. She is a leader in the technology space and is in a lot of neat things, right now she serves as the head of marketing at Corigin Ventures, she is founder of the of the Perpetua Project, she had a bitcoin or blockchain newsletter called “The Bit Daily,” she worked with NextGen Venture Partners.

She’s had a very interesting career to date, and it’s no surprise when you listen to the episode what’s pushed her and propelled her at such a young age and the influences that she’s had. I am super excited for you guys to listen to her, meet her, and have her share with you all the things that make a difference in your own career.Listen here!

Mitch Joel: One Book Away From a Squiggly Career

Mitch Joel is Founder of Six Pixels Group – an advisory, investing and content producing company that is focused on commerce and innovation. Mitch speaks frequently to diverse groups like StarbucksMicrosoftProcter & GambleTwitter, and every organization and association in between, and is also the host of Groove – The No Treble Podcast, where he is slowly trying to build the largest oral history of electric bass players in the world.

Like many, his path to entrepreneurship was about trying new and different things.

Mitch’s story is one that embraces “the squiggle” — a key word introduced throughout his work. His career never went from point A to point B — it was squiggly, zig-zagging from the bottom left to the top right. But if you look back, it all connects… and that’s what makes his story great.

Listen here!


Forbes 30 Under 30 

A huge congratulations to my good friends Dylan Gambardella and Justin Lafazan, the founders of Next Gen HQ who were just named to the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Education! Next Gen HQ is the leading business hub that empowers entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve success by cultivating the top community, resources, education, and mentorship. 

From its inception in 2014, the Next Gen Summit has been the top-rated conference for the world’s most creative and intelligent entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate in-person.

Read the full article here!

Compass is hiring a UX hire

Compass is Looking for a strong first UX hire, potentially co-founder level to architect a platform for deep human connection. Compass sees the human connection as an act of serendipity, resulting from a mix of art and science, and one that creates a universe of possibilities. In your role you’d be leading the interactive design at one of the more exciting and crazy companies in the space.

Location irrelevant!

Interested? Please reach out to solonteal@gmail.com

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