Why Consistency Builds Momentum

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My early 20s were a constant sprint. This would’ve been a good thing, except I was running in place.  

Unlike many other college-aged students, I always had a clear long-term vision for what I wanted out of my life. But it seemed like no matter what I did, I could never get close. 

It was only when I stopped thinking so long-term that I was able to take tangible steps toward my goal. Ironic, isn’t it?

The power of habits, working backward, and short-term thinking enabled me to succeed. When I thought too long-term, that lofty vision occupied all of my mental space, leaving no room for the smaller goals. This thought pattern was counterintuitive; It’s the small goals that let you accomplish the big ones. 

When I made this realization, I redesigned the way I approached my goals. I took a more short-term approach: I made plans for 1-year out instead of 10, created quarterly goals and priorities, and formed daily, weekly, and monthly habits of reflection. These small routines freed up space in my mind that was previously occupied with thinking 10 years in the future.

The best way to get to where you want is by keeping attainable habits that put you a little closer to your goal each day. Over time, this consistency is what enables us to put the small pieces together so we can take a step back and see the larger, beautiful picture that we seek.

Featured Mission: Misty Dykema

Misty Dykema is the Principal and Owner of Simantel, a marketing firm based in Peoria, IL that brings customer experience to life for hardworking industry and manufacturing brands. Misty’s work operates under a core belief: inspired ideas can change everything, but getting there requires fearlessness.

She uses her 15+ years of marketing experience and this belief to help individuals discover career goals and work through and hardships. In her partnership with Mindset Consulting, she co-facilitates “The Leader’s Life – A confidential forum for senior leaders,” a program designed to help leaders grow through structured conversations on trending leadership issues and 1:1 coaching on topics of interest.

Misty hosts Marketing Sweats, a podcast focused on hardworking professionals in marketing, technology, and customer experience. 


Essential Tools for Scaling Your Business
with Mark Green 

Join Business and Leadership Growth Coach Mark Green to learn how to scale the growth of your company, regardless of size. Discover productive leadership habits, learn to balance structure with agility, practice transformative communication tools, and master techniques that will improve your performance.

When: Monday, June 14, 3 PM EST

Register here!

Hi Lo There New Jersey
with Cameron Schmidt

The Hi Lo There Challenge is an initiative by adventurer Cameron Schmidt to travel from the highest elevation points in each US state to the lowest in an effort to facilitate the exchange of perspectives between groups, and people, of vastly different backgrounds. Join him in his next stop: New Jersey. Cameron and his team are hosting an open scavenger hunt at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ.

When: June 5th @ 6pm EDT

See the linked Eventbrite for more details.

In Case You Missed It

My Pandemic Rebirth 

I planned for 2020 to be a year of personal growth, self discovery, and rebirth. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I thought I wouldn’t be able to reach my goal. But the opposite was true. I didn’t evolve just once, twice, or even three times. I became a new person ten times over in a personal revolution. 

Read how the pandemic reshaped me and who helped me get to where I am now. It’s packed with resources to help anyone on a journey of growth.
Full article here!

New Podcast Episodes

Janet Matricciani: One Trip to Russia Away from a Career in Consulting
Janet Matricciani is a seasoned business woman, leader, and adventurer. In her decades of experience, she’s served as a CEO and COO of both public and private equity-backed companies. Her track record includes quadrupling a public company’s market value to over $1 billion, growing Capital One’s installment loans business to $8BN from $6BN in three years, and more. She’s recognized by her peers for her out-of-box thinking, focus on transforming businesses, and laser-like focus on both revenue growth and cost reduction.

She began her career as a McKinsey consultant, where she used her Cambridge engineering and Wharton finance education to drill deeply into every process and activity, improving them by focusing on the end-user and profit maximization. Currently, she serves as an interim COO at JLM Consultants, where she advises independent fintech and edtech companies on operational processes, data use and customer experience.

Listen here!

Tony Mugavero: One UPS Job Away from Finding His Calling

Tony Mugavero is an experienced entrepreneur and executive with a background in media, business, and computer engineering. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Rad (FKA Littlstar), a consumer media app that delivers a premium immersive network experience on PlayStation, Smart TVs, and mobile devices with content from Disney, Fox, Showtime, NBCU, and more. He’s also the co-creator of Ara, a decentralized blockchain system for digital content.

Tony co-founded Galvanize, one of the biggest co-working and education companies that was acquired by K12 for $165 million in January 2020. Prior to building Galvanize, he was the Founder/CEO of MoovAtom, a simple API for providing cloud-based media encoding and delivery, which was successfully acquired in 2012. He was also a Co-Founder of the music discovery app GigBeat, used by over 1 million users.

Listen here!

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