Why I Failed Trying to Re-Brand 2x

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Do you understand the power of centralized brand messages?

Out of college, I was working on my first startup, Wish Dish. Imagine for a minute the quintessential young entrepreneur…

Hungry, naive, and eager to make it happen, but without the shortcomings or insights to guide me.

I remember a conversation in downtown Athens, GA. I was so focused on the growth of users and story submissions. With that, I thought the platform would surely catch on by itself, and the user-generated content would create a cycle of automatic returns (both in growth, investment, and more).

But, I was wrong. In a few conversations with a few smart people, they shared with me, “When I get to your website homepage, I have no idea what I’m looking at. You need to rebrand.”

So, I started going down the rabbit hole that is the rebranding process: new website design, color palette, logo, etc. I did this not once, but twice, thinking each time that “startup nirvana” would happen.

Wish Dish as a company, building sustainability, ultimately failed to make financial revenue. In retrospect, here’s why:

It didn’t have a centralized message that was understood by a core audience. I failed to get the messaging right at the foundational level. Without a message and understanding the audience I was trying to impact, it didn’t matter how pretty the logo looked, how many stories were on the website, etc. Traction was hard to come by because the underlying, deeper foundation was missing.

Therefore, when building BW Missions, I knew this would be central to our success, by getting the foundation right, and why I was so excited and happy when Rich Keller walked into my life. He was able to take my story, align it with our brand, define my narrative around one word, and build a brand foundation and central messaging from it. 

Being a “Pathfinder” and helping “Craft Pathways to Belonging” with our clients and those that interact with our brand is the decision-making lens for everything we do, backed by my own story.

With this mindset and lens, building a company like Virgin feels even more possible. The vision feels limitless because, under belonging, many product lines can be developed for multiple audience sets over decades.

For those who are building a brand out there — whether personal or professional — remember it starts at the foundation with a clear central message. Everything else is built on top of it.

Last year, I wrote an article more in the weeds on other things I did wrong in this initial building process here

Today’s Featured Mission

Imagine you need a website done with little money. I learned early on that a little scrappiness goes a long way, but not in the way I thought.

After college, I stalked Georgia Tech clubs and communities to find a bright techie. I came across Chloe who was super helpful in the web development process by referring me to people she knew, but not by building the website herself.

As I got to know Chloe, I realized that her core strength lied at the intersection of tech, branding, and communication. Since that time she’s played a vital role in our business on various projects.

Whenever I work with her, it’s the utmost trust that she can get the job done, and she’s never faltered on my belief in her.

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