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The weekend before Valentine’s Day, I was listening to a live interview about relationships.

The relationship coach said, “The first thing I do with clients is to help them understand their core values.” If I heard that in February 2020, I think those words would have been meaningless. Because I didn’t understand the application. They were fluffy buzzwords. 

What I had been focused on so much prior in my life was defining a clear purpose, and using that as a north star for how I lived my life. But I don’t think defining your purpose or understanding your “WHY” is enough – anymore. While a purpose provides a guiding light, I am starting to see how the light becomes even more clear when core values are wrapped around them. 

More important than ever, I think one of the best exercises being younger is defining your core values for what you are willing to tolerate and accept both personally and professionally. 

By defining core values around the areas of your life that matter, they become a decision-making tool to wrap around your purpose. This process of finding purpose, and defining core values, prevents one from going too deep off the ledge in the wrong direction – with the wrong spouse, wrong business partner, or wrong team hire. A decision that compromises core values is a great cost. Emotional burden, financial loss, and so much more.

So I leave you with this today, “What are your non-negotiables?” — make a list, and think about the people around you. Are they aligned? 

Featured Mission

It’s always a beautiful feeling when you meet someone who shares a very similar vision for the world as you. This was my experience interviewing Hannah Donovan, Director, Product at VSCO, on the One Away Show

She values creating an outlet for human expression. Her work since a young age has been through using technology and creating products that enable creators to bring their full selves to the forefront. In our interview, she was so passionate, and shared her story so vivaciously, with such an enlightened perspective.

I walked away from our time together and felt so inspired, to see other people who truly want to enable others to belong on their own terms through their unique and full authentic expression. 

Where We’re Hanging Out:

Webinar: Using OKR for personal and professional growth with Natalija Hellesoe and Jeff Gothelf

Sense & Respond Press author Natalija Hellesoe, OKRs at the Center, and press co-founder and author of Forever Employable, Jeff Gothelf spend an hour breaking down the basics behind Objectives and Key Results (OKRs or OKR if you prefer) and show how to apply this popular goal-setting method to your personal goals as well as your professional development. 

Watch here!

Essential Skills and Tools for Scaling Your Business

Appearing on Simon Sinek’s platform, Business and Leadership Growth Coach Mark Green is hosting a live zoom class to help you take your leadership to the next level, and accelerate the growth and success to which you aspire!

In this class you will:

  • Understand how to overcome three significant barriers that derail most growing firms
  • Discover four productive leadership habits that rapidly accelerate growth and success 
  • Learn to balance structure and agility, optimizing the benefits of both
  • Gain the easy-to-implement communication tool to transform alignment and execution within your growing firm  
  • Master two techniques that dramatically improve the predictability of your performance and results

Sign up here!

Resources From an Author: Jordan Gross

  1. A free link to 61 of the best personal development books summarized in one sentence: https://bit.ly/61Books
  2. A free link to 27 of the best personal development books that use creative storytelling: https://bit.ly/27-books 
  3. A free 10-minute animated trailer for the book, that reveals how my 4 grandparents were the inspiration for the 4 characters in the book: https://bit.ly/3rolnge 
  4. A free group on LinkedIn called Help-Self that emphasizes creativity, fun, and storytelling in the personal development world: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12496276/ 

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New Podcast Episodes

Luke Cooper: One Understanding of Universal Pain Away from Building Inclusive Products

Luke Cooper, an attorney-turned-tech-founder of Fixt, an online company that sends technicians out to help people fix devices such as phones and tablets, is a forward thinking executive with professional expertise in technology operations, strategic planning, product, and leadership.

He is doing some incredible work helping kind of evening the playing field and removing unconscious bias and helping black entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to go and build their dreams like he has.

Listen here!

Hannah Donovan: One Spark to Learn to Code Away From Creative Freedom

Hannah Donovan is a product & design leader in the tech industry. She creates consumer tools & experiences for self-expression, with a focus on collaborating with machine learning.

She is currently director of product at VSCO, a photo and video editing platform with a focus on creative wellbeing, and is highly aligned in the mission of self-expression, letting creators and people build through technology and sharing who they are in a way that is authentic and representative to them.

Listen here!

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We’re Hiring for an Audio/Video Producer!

We’re looking for someone willing to be hands-on and creative under the guidance of our Head of Marketing to help shape stories, book interviews, virtual events, prep research, and produce our podcast. The ideal candidate is growth-minded and comfortable working in both a team and independently, and who can roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with a startup mindset and learn quickly. 

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Volunteer Opportunities for Katie’s Art Project

Katie’s Art Project is a 501c3 with the mission of using the power of art forms to impact children with life-threatening medical conditions. The organization is seeking a Marketing Manager and Finance Manager.

**These are Volunteer positions under the Campus Chapter Division

More info here!

If you are a young professional in these fields or would be interested in taking on these roles, you can fill out this application, or send me a message to campuschapters@katiesartproject.org.


Creating Financial Freedom for Entrepreneurs
with Bryan Wish & Brandon Green

Join our Founder, Bryan Wish along with Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, Keller Williams Capital Properties, Brandon Green for a clubhouse event on wealth management and creating financial opportunities that will propel your business forward. 

When:Thursday, Feb 25, 7 PM ET

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Watch: Using OKR for personal and professional growth with Natalija Hellesoe and Jeff Gothelf


Listen:  How to Become a Better Ally with Nita Mosby Tyler

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