Visual Identity


The quickest way to get to know your brand is to see it. 

Through a completely transparent process, our brand designers, content curators, and social media managers work step by step with you to accurately build the sensory pillars of your brand. Here’s a glimpse of the design process by our lead graphic designer, Zac Oransky, who has worked with VC funds like Kairos, The House Fund,  as well as startups in the tech, health & wellness fields and other various independent companies (Little Spoon, Vital Vio).

Each design process carries a unique solution, with you and your business at front of mind. 

Developing Style Guide

The team dabbles through the ins and outs of your brand to develop your tone, colors, shape, style, texture, mood, theme, goals, interests and other characteristics.

Bringing it to Life

Once we have established who you and your brand are, we dive in. Deep. We bring our ideas to life and provide example pieces for your review. Once approved, our team will develop the media assets for your brand.

Sharing your Brand

After carefully crafting your brand assets, we share it with the world. As your brand evolves or expands, we ditto the process.

How we Bring Vision to Life

  • Visual Brand Identity: typography, color palette, wordmark, logo
  • Brand and Investor Presentations
  • Templates & Media Kits
  • Style Guides
  • Book Covers
  • Illustration
  • Design Philosophy

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