Website Development


When we began the process of building out this new website almost 1 year ago, we knew that it would be a long term investment. A website is the perfect platform to display your brand’s values, media assets, and past work. 

Wireframes Tell Your Story

In order to understand the path you want to take your clients on, we first pencil-sketch out how we want to take them from Point A to Point B.

Design Show It Off

Now that we understand your story, now it’s time to add the visual side of things. We start figuring out color palettes and how to make your business look like the leader in it’s industry.

Making It Function

Now is the time where you can now control your story. We’ll put code behind all the amazing designs and you can then take control of things after the site launches. We’ll make sure you know how to do everything you need to do.

At BW Missions we build customizable websites tailored to provide your audience with a pleasant, easy, and memorable experience. Each site we build is specifically and carefully designed to reflect you and your organization. Our lead web developer, Chris Lafay, who has over 15 years of experience in telling brand’s stories through web design can bring your virtual presence to life. He’s also just really cool and loves the Atlanta Braves.

What Does Building a Website Look Like?

  • Custom Personal Brand Websites
    • Wire-framing
    • Landing Pages
    • Mockups
    • Custom Design
  • Content Development / Site Copy
  • On Page SEO
  • Customized Forms

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